Win a DCI Banks novel, Watching the Dark

Banks is back - and this time he's investigating the murder of one of his own. Detective Inspector Bill Reid is killed by a crossbow in the tranquil grounds of a police rehabilitation centre, and compromising photos are found in his room. DCI Banks, brought in to investigate, is assailed on all sides. By Joanna Passero, the Professional Standards inspector who insists on shadowing the investigation in case of police corruption. By his own conviction that a policeman shouldn't be deemed guilty without evidence. By Annie Cabbot, back at work after six months' recuperation, and beset by her own doubts and demons. And by an English girl who disappeared in Estonia six years ago, who seems to hold the secret at the heart of this case...

Watch DCI Banks in action, Sundays at 9.30pm on PRIME (until May 26)

Courtesy of Hachette, Get Frank has 5x copies of Watching the Dark, by Peter Robinson, a DCI Banks novel to give away.

To enter, simply comment below. Winners announced in next week's newsletter, so make sure you check to claim your prize!

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  • Animus says
    Love the cover..
  • twist55 says
    It sounds like the sort of book I'd like, I need a new book too.
  • Crunch says
    Nothing like escaping into a great book.
  • Jangoy says
    Love the current TV series. DCI Banks has just the right amount of vulnerability to be credible. Peter Robinson has created a winner. Would love to win Watching the Dark as, in my opinion, the novel can't help but supply an amount of subtly which is lost in most televised versions.
  • this would be a great read!
  • Doug says
    my partner lovees gret book to read!!
  • ToniG says
    I love this guy! He writes the best books. I have been wanting to read this for so incredibly long! I've run out of books to read! This would be perfect!
  • teabag says
    Can never have too many good books.....and I'm about 2 days off finishing my current one!!
  • Jac says
    Sounds like a gripping read.
  • A_Cox says
    Thankfully it isn't DCI John Banks ... he'd forget what he was supposed to be doing. ;o)

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