Win a copy of First Crossings. Historic NZ adventures brought to life. RRP $45.00

First Crossings 
Historic NZ adventures brought to life

By Kevin Biggar and Jamie Fitzgerald

RRP $45.00

Based on the high-rating TV show, First Crossings, this book follows modern-day New Zealand adventurers Kevin Biggar and Jamie Fitzgerald as they recreate extreme journeys of pioneer New Zealand explorers. 

Kevin and Jamie don't just take the same routes, they also wear the same clothes, use the same equipment and try the same food. While fascinating, this approach also leads to the pair finding themselves in some terrifying, death-defying and very uncomfortable situations. It's certainly an eye-opener as to how tough our pioneer adventurers were.

The book adds a great more detail and background to each of the stories – both the historical backgrounds and also Kevin and Jamie's reactions to the stories and to their attempts at recreating them.

Of the ten stories, five are from the first series and five from the second. They include Whitcombe and Lauper's first crossing of the Southern Alps; Grave and Talbot's attempt to find a pass into Milford Sound; Fyfe and Graham's ascent of Mt de la Beche. As well as several 19th century stories, First Crossings includes 20th century explorations such as Edmund Hillary's solo ascent of Mt Tapuaenuku, and Kelly Tarlton's diving of the Elignamite wreck (i.e. treasure hunting).

Kevin and Jamie are no strangers to extreme conditions. They were the first Kiwis to walk the 1200km journey to the South Pole unaided (read about this in Kevin Biggar's Escape to the Pole) and they also set a new world record for rowing across the Atlantic in 2003.

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  • sonzw says
    Now hubby would love this - he is outdoorsy. I went tramping once with him and by the 45th stream and river crossing was completely over it, cold wet and tired and not a shop in sight....... loved the scenary and the beautiful mountains but to much water for me.
  • David says
    Our early pioneers were tougher than any modern adventurer (who has the tools, and knowledge search and recue can get them out of the poo) This should be mandatory reading to attempt to get a sense of their intrepid explorations.
  • rps says
    bound to be inspiring stuff
  • jeffski says
    a great series on t.v , would love to read the book
  • Doug says
    Looks like a good read
  • monstar says
    I love this programme
  • New Member says
    Love this show !
  • Tanya341 says
    These guys are totally amazing, i would love to read the book!!
  • Rugbylocos says
    Love watching this program, they are great. They make me tired just watching them!
  • teabag says
    Watched every episode of the TV series. Would love to have the book for reference, plus good learning resource for the kidlets!

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