Win a bottle of Vaione Premium Pacific Gin

Vaione Premium Pacific Gin is a unique Gin amongst Gins, with a unique citrus taste, and a unique history, originating in the pacific islands. The overall taste is not initially as dry as London Dry Gin. There is a high level of citrus with no lingering sweetness and there is NO added sugar.

Vaione's botanicals are a unique combination of traditional London Dry Gin botanicals and fresh citrus fruit.

This process has been a real labour of love and because of the tightly held "recipes" and secrets of the methodology of Gin manufacture, it has taken John and Anthony more than a decade of pain staking development of the techniques and perfecting the ratios of botanicals to make this a truly premium well balanced Gin.

Get Frank has 1x bottle of Vaione Premium Pacific Gin to give away. To enter, simply comment below. Make sure you check out next week's newsletter to see if you are a winner and claim your prize!

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  • barnes10 says
    I walked on to a pub last night,and said to the Bar Manager "give me something tall ,icy and full of gin".The Bar Manager calls to his wife :"Betty there's someone here to see you".
  • T.J. says
    would love to try this!
  • Stephanie says
    found this via there facebook page, this would be awesome to win! tried it instore the other day was AWESOME!
  • Bonza says
    lol yep it really does look like a perfume bottle lol well done Vaione.
  • Gonzala says
    This looks nice... no added sugar is a bonus!
  • GT-Rugby says
    count me in
  • thochaos says
    I've never tried gin. Time to start!
  • teabag says
    Fancy lookin' bottle!! Love Gin, lime and lemonades. Specially in summer!! (mmm, summer....come back!)
  • DeeDee says
    Even the name Vaione Premium Pacific makes it sound like a great drop
  • Tash says
    Looks delish!

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