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Baileys is a luscious indulgence - warming, creamy and chocolately – all bottled up in one irresistible package. It will melt the heart and the mouth of anyone lucky enough to receive it this Valentine’s Day!

Be as smooth as a Baileys on ice by picking the perfect gift, or if your special person is more the type that appreciates a thoughtful homemade gift, they’ll be weak at the knees over a beautifully packaged box of sinful homemade Baileys Truffles. If an intimate home-cooked meal is on the cards, indulge yourselves by serving up a special dessert for two – Baileys Ice Cream Pralines. You can find these tantalising recipes (and more!) on the Baileys Facebook page.

Whatever you choose – a perfect gift; homemade delights; or a romantic dinner for two – Baileys is the perfect complement to a great evening this Valentine’s Day.

Get Frank has two 700mL bottles of Baileys to give away. To enter simply comment below, then head over to Get Frank's love and relationships forum and make a decent contribution to finalise your entry. Don't forget to check out next week's newsletter to claim your prize if you are a winner!



2 egg yolks

65g sugar  

150ml whipping cream

150ml Baileys Original Irish Cream

125g ready-made ganache (either dark, milk or white chocolate, according to taste)

Small bar of chocolate


-       Beat yolks and sugar together until creamy

-       Heat cream and Baileys together, then slowly pour into the yolk egg mixture while stirring vigorously

-       Heat the egg mixture carefully while stirring constantly until it thickens, but do not boil

-       Pour the mixture into a metal dish and cool in cold water, stirring occasionally

-       Place the mixture into an ice cream machine and freeze (if you don’t have one, place the mixture in the freezer and whisk vigorously once every 10 minutes)

-       Once frozen, scoop out balls using an ice cream scoop, place on a plate and freeze for another hour

-       In the meantime, melt the ganache over a bain marie (a metal bowl suspended over a pot of hot water – the bottom of the bowl not touching the water)

-       Dip the ice cream balls into the ganache using a dessert fork or pour it over using a spoon

-       Place the balls back on a plate in the freezer

-       Once re-hardened, melt chocolate and drizzle in heart shapes over the pralines

-       Keep in the freezer until serving

N.B – If ganache isn’t something you’ve made before, try this recipe.

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  • Crunch says
    Many good nights with freinds have been finished with a few Baileys...
  • skoota681 says
    I'm gonna try that recipe , looks yum
  • I don't like cream so will stick to having it on the rocks!
  • jeffski says
    being half irish baileys flows through my viens, not to mention guinness.
  • char says
    I will love this
  • Tezzzzzz says
    So trying this at home! YUMMAY
  • SJPONeill says
    Just about to run out so this would be most timely...
  • Onaphobia says
    ICE CREAM PRALINES??? Okay, I'm sold!!
  • scott says
    on the rocks or in the morning coffee... great milk substitute!
  • Gonzala says
    Baileys is delicious! That recipe sure looks tasty.

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