Win a 12 pack of Honest Box Cider

To celebrate the launch of Boundary Road Brewery’s new Honesty Box Cider, the brewery has decided it’s time for us kiwis to put our money where our mouths are and prove we’re an honest bunch by taking The Great Kiwi Honesty Test. The test, which can be found at, consists of 15 quirky questions and is now live for the month of February.

The new Honesty Box Cider range is now available at good supermarkets, liquor stores and selected on tap outlets nationwide with an RRP of $26.99 for 330ml 12 packs and $7.99 for 500ml bottles.

We have 6 x 12 packs of Honesty Box Cider in pear, apple and berry flavours to give away. To enter, simply comment below. Make sure you check out next week's newsletter to see if you are a winner and claim your prize!

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  • skoota681 says
    I really wanna try this Cider - Honest!
  • Crunch says
    What a great product,of course we kiwi's are honest...
  • jeffski says
    i love cider, epecially on a hot summers day, it is oh so refreshing.
  • BoBo says
    Woohoo, I'm a statistic ;D Funny test. Great prize.
  • Tezzzzzz says
    Looks delicious and refreshing on these hot summer days!
  • char says
    I usually drink beer but the pear cider looms good
  • humbug says
    This honestly looks amazing! Such a cider fan
  • scott says
    So good to have it in 500ml bottles. A pint of ice and a few of these would be great in the sun
  • Keri says
  • Onaphobia says
    I have decided that cider is as close to liking beer that I'm ever gonna get. Fortunately, I LOVE cider :D

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