Win 1x copy of Inventing for the rest of us

How many times have you thought about an idea and wanted to build it yourself? Or do you like tinkering around in the shed or garage? If a project is complex, you may have to do some research first, which can take time. You may have to look through several books before you find the information that you are after, and this might be found in a small, obscure paragraph. You should only need one reference book when it comes to inventing, and this is it.

While most inventing books are about patents and protecting your inventions, this book is about getting to the heart of inventing. This is a single reference that you can use when you want to start a new invention or project, or you can read it purely for the information that is in it. Why bother wasting your time reading half the books in your local library when you no longer have to?

This book is not aimed at professionals, even though there are some sections that they may find useful. You do not need a university degree to be creative and to be good at inventing. “Inventing for the Rest of Us” is written more for the average person, to help them gain confidence in having a go at inventing something themselves, no matter how small. It covers the simplest of ideas through to complex calculations.

This book should encourage you to get out there and create your own ideas and dreams.

Chris Fraser has been qualified in analytical chemistry for the past thirty years. He has also spent more than twenty years being personally certified in international quality systems. With an eye for detail, a scientific mind and a curiosity for improvements in science and technology Chris has written this book as a one-stop guide to inventing. In his spare time he wanders the New Zealand wilderness and has an interest in geology.

Get Frank is pleased to offer our viewers a chance to win 1x copy of Inventing for the rest of us. To enter, simply comment below then head over to our Everything Else forum to make a decent contribution to finalize your entry. Make sure you check out next weeks Newsletter to see if you're our winner!

You can read 'Inventing for the Rest of Us. A New Zealand Guide' by Chris Fraser's review here.



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  • Judy says
    Good read!
  • Sam says
    Looks like a good read
  • Should be good. I have thought of a few ideas that I doubt will ever see the light of day.
  • LUCKYONE says
    This book would be a great reference for the brainstorming ideas that come from this family.
  • Darren says
    What an awesome book!
  • DandM13 says
    Sounds really great. Would love to read.
  • Nos4R2D2 says
    This could help make my dreams a reality please, thank you.
  • New Member says
    Looks like an excellent read and reference book.
  • vish says
    awesome book to read...
  • twist55 says
    This looks like a great read for someone with a bit of Kiwi ingenuity.

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