Win 1x Blunt Umbrella

If you’re reaching for your umbrella every five minutes, you know Spring’s arrived.  With such unpredictable weather on the horizon over the next few months, make sure you’re prepared and aren’t let down by your brolly’s floppy performance!

Unlike other umbrellas on the market, Blunt brollies are made from ‘strong stuff’. This means they’re designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and won’t turn inside out (but if they do, they are pulled right back).

Designed by innovative Kiwis, Blunt umbrellas use ground-breaking technology, with each featuring reinforced edges to prevent the annoying problem of wires poking through.

Blunt has a huge range of umbrellas - whether you need a smaller umbrella that can be tucked away in a bag, or one of the larger golf umbrellas for the long weekend walks – Blunt has you covered!

Get Frank has 1x classic Blunt umbrella to giveaway and the winner will get to choose the colour! To enter simply comment below then head over to our Current events & sports forum to make a contribution to finalize your entry. Make sure you check out next weeks Newsletter to see if you're our lucky winner!


Winner(s): Retepdw321

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  • Lee says
    Could have used this walking the dog last nite! stormy
  • SuzyQ says
    These TOTALLY rock! A friend has one and I have umbrella envy!!
  • Cameron says
    What an awesome umbrella!
  • New Member says
    Just when we thought the winter was over guess what ,wet and windy again
  • Muzza99 says
    loooks good
  • I would use an umbrella if I were confident they would stay together. And I live in Hamilton so I need it!
  • Witch one says
    A great prize, I don't know how many time I have poked someone with an umbrella this one will be better.
  • Chris says
    I never understand watching people walk in the rain without one overhead?
  • monstar says
    Perfect for Wellys weather
  • nickpow says
    Ah man these are awesome just looked the website! better than my crappy one that has real estate logo on it!

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