Win 1 of 6 Armor All Gift Packs for Father’s Day

Gift Ideas for Dad

If your dad owns a vehicle chances are that he tries to keep it clean so at least you know this Armor All Gift Pack won’t go to waste.

The Armor All Time Saver Gift Pack has the three basic tools to wash your car inside and out - a 1L Wash & Wax, a 250ml Protectant for your dash and a Car sponge. Look out for our car care range at The Warehouse and all leading retailers.

GetFrank have 6 Armor All Gift Packs to give away for Father’s Day (1st of September). To enter, simply comment below with the make and model of your car and number of days since it’s been washed.

Don't forget to check out next week's newsletter to see if you are a winner and claim your prize.


Winner(s): NO_MonkeyBusiness, NZed, nuttydread, New Member(ktamati), csew & RW

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  • Bonza says
    My partner sooo needs this he cleans his V8 every week even if it has not been out that week it still gets cleaned, he checks under the hood of that V8 more than mine!!!!
  • New Member says
    my white car has been grey for a while so would love to win this pack to bring it back to its original colour!
  • mooiroos says
    Toyota Camry 1997, I think I washed it two months ago!
  • Glenys says
    Our Nissan Bluebird was put through a machine wash about 6 weeks ago. It badly needs a decent wash and polish (by hand).
  • Cray_Cray says
    The family car is in dire need of something more than a spit and polish, and this would totally help it out!
  • dynamic1 says
    Subaru Legacy washed polished on Sunday . I always have always kept my vehicles looking clean inside and out showroom condition .Look after your vehicles under the bonnet keep them clean and you get a far better return when it comes to selling or upgrading .
  • rodney says
    Its a 1997 BMW 323I, its been a month since i cleaned it
  • BoBo says
    Subaru Grand Wagon, um when did it last rain...
  • haha the lazy fathers day gift... but he did just get a new van
  • charmed says
    Mazda 6, washed 5 days ago. gotta keep it clean.

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