Win 1 of 3 Jim Beam Devil’s Cut Gift Packs

As bourbon ages, a portion of the liquid known as “Angel’s Share” is lost from the barrel due to evaporation. At Jim Beam we developed a proprietary process using limestone water to extract the last of the whiskey trapped within the barrel wood after ageing. This reclaimed ‘whiskey water’ is blended with 6 year old bourbon and bottled at 45% ABV. The result? A robust, premium bourbon with deep oak notes and rich colour, aroma and character known only as the extraordinary “Devil’s Cut”.

Go into the draw to win one of three Jim Beam Devil’s Cut Gift packs to giveaway before Christmas! 

To enter simply comment below then head over to our Everything Else Forum to make a decent contribution to finalize your entry.

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Winner(S): MonkeySay, Rangatira & Gonzala

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  • Millsey says
    Looks a perfect way to spend a summer evening.
  • Jaytheman says
    Very Nice! please and thank you :)
  • NotTheMan says
    A beautifully packaged beautiful thing.
  • James says
    I must say, any whiskey that's had the "angelic good" scared out of it and left nothing but the badass taste and kick left in has to be good, and if it's Jimmy Beam, ya know its gotta be devillishly good, mwahahahahaaha, merry xmas all and good luck in the contest
  • Annamarie says
    Yummy yes please!!
  • bradie says
    wow this looks so naughty
  • Rachsta says
    Oh baby.
  • RC says
    Hmmmm 'Whiskey Water', you sound delicious
  • tillydog says
    santa says I aint been a good boy so I ll cut to the devil
  • Oh la la Making me THIRSTY! yes the Jim Beams Devil Cuts 90 Pack for Christmas! sure will bring the sparkle in my eyes for sure! Here is my Little SHE DEVIL ! sure will blow you away. Sharing the love for JIM BEAMS

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