Keep the kids entertained with an Ultimate Spiderman Prize Pack

One bite from a radioactive spider changed Peter Parker’s life forever, giving him super-human powers and amazing wall-crawling ability. Wearing the mask that has made him a legend, he battles evil wherever a hero is needed as the one-and-only Spider-Man!  Super-size your super hero adventures with this incredible SPIDER-MAN prize pack! It includes everything you’ll need to open up a large-sized attack on the foes of justice everywhere. With Spiderman at your side, there’s no telling where your adventures will take you!
Ultimate Spiderman pack includes:

1 x Spiderman Mask RRP$16.99

1 x Spiderman Power Webs Figure RRP $19.99

1 x Spiderman Power Webs Racers RRP $22.99

1 x Spiderman Power Webs Spider Cycle RRP $39.99

1 x Spiderman 12 inch Titan Series Action Figure $22.99

RRP $122.95 per pack

Available at all major toy retailers nationwide

Get Frank has three Ultimate Spiderman Prize Packs to give away. To enter, simply comment below. Make sure you check out next week's newsletter to see if you are a winner and claim your prize.

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  • Great prize for the young or young at heart!
  • Tanya341 says
    Wow what a dream prize for any spiderman son loves him!!
  • allie says
    What an excellent prize. Would be a great addition to any toybox!
  • Nigelmc says
    Wow awesome prize
  • tats says
    who doesnt love spiderman?
  • Millsey says
    My boy would wear his spidie-jammies all weekend if we'd let him, he'd love this prize, probably as much as me. Spiderman will never go out of date.
  • Malcolm says
    Would be a neat package for Grandson..
  • Shoel says
    My son is crazy about this series. He has actually sat thru a season 1 marathon.
    The prize pack would be much loved at our house!
  • supabowl says
    Looks like a fun toy
  • New Member says
    "Holey, unbelieveable prize pack Batman" - Don't Tell Supaman, we don't want any competition!

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