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  • Mudslide

    09 August 2013 / Shots & Drink Recipes

    Mudslide - Frozen Cocktail Recipe Shot of vodka Shot of Irish cream Shot of coffee liqueur 8 ice cubes Shot of cream 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream 2 scoops of chocolate ice cream Blend 8 ice cubes into crush, add the remaining ingredients and blend... More about Mudslide

  • Creamy Grasshopper

    31 May 2013 / Shots & Drink Recipes

    Creamy Grasshopper - Frozen Cocktail Recipe ½ Shot of white creme de cacao ½ Shot of green creme de menthe 2 scoops vanilla ice cream Blend until smooth, Too easy. Add chocolate to garnish Check out the full selection of Frozen... More about Creamy Grasshopper

  • Cafè Barbados

    26 April 2013 / Shots & Drink Recipes

    Cafè Barbados - Hot Cocktail RecipeShot of dark rum 1/3 Shot of coffee liqueur Black coffee Whipped cream Powdered chocolate or shaved chocolate for garnish Pour the dark rum and coffee liqueur into an Irish coffee glass or coffee mug, fill... More about Cafè Barbados

  • Rum Runner Island Style

    19 April 2013 / Shots & Drink Recipes

    Rum Runner Island Style - Frozen Cocktail Recipe 2/3 Shot of dark rum 2/3 Shot of light rum 1/3 Shot of brandy 1/3 Shot of banana liqueur 1 splash grenadine syrup 1 splash lime juice 1 ½ Cups of ice. Pour liquors into a blender with ice, and... More about Rum Runner Island Style

  • Cafè Amore

    05 April 2013 / Shots & Drink Recipes

    Cafè Amore - Hot Cocktail Recipe 1/3 Shot Cognac 1/3 Shot amaretto Black coffee Whipped cream Shaved almonds for garnish Pour the Cognac and amaretto into an Irish coffee glass, fill with hot coffee top with whipped cream and finally garnish... More about Cafè Amore

  • Banana Daiquiri

    29 March 2013 / Shots & Drink Recipes

    Banana Daiquiri  - Frozen Cocktail Recipe   Shot of light rum 1 tbsp triple sec Banana 3 tsp lime juice 1 tsp sugar   Combine all ingredients with a cup of crushed ice into the blender. Blend at a low speed for five seconds before... More about Banana Daiquiri

  • Blonde Bombshell

    22 March 2013 / Shots & Drink Recipes

    Blonde Bombshell - Frozen Cocktail Recipe   2 cups crushed ice 5 shots of light rum 1 can of frozen lemonade concentrate   Blend together the ice, rum, and frozen lemonade concentrate and pour into a margarita glass. Easy Done. Check out... More about Blonde Bombshell

  • Hot Peppermint Patty

    15 February 2013 / Shots & Drink Recipes

    Hot Peppermint Patty - Hot Cocktail Recipe 2/3 Shot of peppermint schnapps 1/3 Shot of oz dark crème de cacao 1 tsp crème de menthe Hot chocolate Whipped cream Shaved chocolate or chocolate sprinkles for garnish Pour the liqueurs into... More about Hot Peppermint Patty

  • White Dove

    08 February 2013 / Shots & Drink Recipes

    White Dove - Frozen Cocktail Recipe ½ Shot of almond liqueur ½ Shot of white creme de cacao 2 cups ice cream Chocolate syrup Shot of Whipped cream Pour almond and cream de cacao into a blender with the ice cream until smooth. Line the... More about White Dove

  • Grand Rum Toddy

    04 January 2013 / Shots & Drink Recipes

    Grand Rum Toddy - Hot Cocktail Recipe   Shot of rum ½ shot of Gran Gala or Grand Marnier 1/3 shot of lime juice Hot water to fill Lime wedge for garnish   In an Irish coffee glass combine the ingredients, top with hot water, stir... More about Grand Rum Toddy

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