Frank's Home Bar Essentials

The world's favourite Italian liqueur created during the Italian Renaissance as a labour of love Amaretto is enjoyed the world over either on its own, over ice or in a wide variety of cocktails such as the Godfather , or a Cafe Amore  . When it comes to choice there really is only one and that's Disaronno - one of the oldest known brands in the world and is made in Saronno, Italy with the same recipe since 1525. Cream

Irish Cream is quite simply a cream liqueur based on Irish whiskey, cream, and other ingredients which can be served on its own, in mixed drinks like the Mudslide or as part of a shot like the world renowned Quick Fuck . Handcrafted using the finest luxurious Irish Cream, The Irishman Irish Cream 100% Irish whiskey with natural flavours of vanilla and toffee, is the award winning superior Irish Cream that we go with and on its own is one to savour. de Cacao

A traditional sweet-chocolate liqueur with cacao beans from Africa and vanilla from Madagascar you can’t go wrong with De Kuyper Creme De Cacao. Perfect as an after dinner drink, superb anytime as a mixer. For recipes check out White Dove , Creamy Grass Hopper , or the Hot Peppermint Patty Liqueur

For a Coffee Liqueur, Kahlúa is the definite go-to. Crafted in Mexico, Kahlúa is dense and sweet, with the distinct taste of coffee and rich notes of caramel and vanilla.  Kahlúa is perfect to be enjoyed on the rocks, but is also well known as the key ingredient in a number of cocktail recipes including the frozen Mudslide , B-52, and even in deserts like the Tiramisu.




 Sweet Vermouth  / Dry Vermouth

Vermouth is a fortified wine infused with herbs, alcohol, sugar, caramel and water according to specific recipes in Italy and France. The use of vermouth as a modifier has defined many of the classic cocktails, most notably, sweet vermouth in a Manhattan and dry vermouth in a Martini  . In addition to creating cocktails, vermouth can also be used in place of white wine in cooking. Dolin is the brand to turn to for Vermouth, specifically the Dolin Rouge and Dolin Dry. 

Orange Liqueur

The final essential liqueur for your home bar is an Orange Liqueur, again with all our choices above the end result will always reflect the quality of your choice - Cointreau being the original Triple Sec and sold in over 200 countries worldwide is the no brainer for this . 100% pure, crystal clear liqueur, made from bitter and sweet orange peels perfect for your Magarita

That’s our run, let us know if we’ve missed out on any in the comments below.

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  • Alex says
    I would buy an awesome liquor cabinet with one of those pull down door/glass benches. It would be dark stained oak, lined with burgundy felt, and would house my fantastic new selection of spirits. I would start with a smooth whiskey on the rocks, have a tasty amaretto, then get adventurous with some cocktails; maybe a Mai Tai and a Magarita to begin with. This has got to be the greatest prize pack you guys have done yet.
  • COCKTAIL NIGHT!!!!!! :)
  • Scott says
    Pretty good selection. My flatmate and I have both worked in hospo for the past ten years to pay for our education. I have three months left on my Masters and I can escape the all consumer life of the study all day and drink all night lifestyle. Looking to have one last blow out when we finish. This lot would make a very nice edition to the evening. Add to our Bookers Bourbon, South Gin, 42 Below Vodka and several others we have collected over the past 10years. Been a hard slog to finish education and it's make for a couple of very thirsty boys. Looking forward to a few of the classics that we've served over the years with a box of Dominican cigars we've been saving. Can taste it already
  • Tarshlove says
    Dr's and Nurses Cocktail night with lots of "Sex on the beach" and "Bloody Mary's"
  • thochaos says
    Pretty good read but for some reason I seem to enjoy reading about alcohol more than drinking it. Maybe that's just because I remember after I've finished reading and not when I've finished drinking...
  • Lloyd says
    Marguritas definitely - Tequlia is more like a drug than alcohol

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