Frank's Home Bar Essentials

With the recent upswing of cocktail lounges and city bars now taking pride in delivering a real drink - we’re starting to see the welcome return of classics such as the Rusty Nail , the Manhattan , and the Sazerac .

Whether you’re a party animal, a decadent dinner party host or simply enjoy the opportunity to get your friends around for a drink the ability to cater with a home bar can place you in a class of your own.

Below follows Frank’s essentials for a home bar, this collection will allow you to serve the most common known cocktails and lays the foundation to begin catering for specific recipes by just adding a bottle or two as you grow.

Right, to kick the collection off there are a few different whiskeys you’ll want in your line up, these are; Whisky

Barley-based, and dried over peat firestone Scotch is one of the more complex spirits distilled today and if you’re looking for a brand there’s no better choice than Chivas Regal. To truly appreciate its intricate composition serve it on the rocks, combine with sweet vermouth in a Manhattan , or with Lochan Ora / Drambuie for your Rusty Nail. American Whiskey, such as a Bourbon

Bourbon's unique character and high mixability position it as a must have for your home bar and when considering which brand Jim Beam who have held the same recipe since 1795, and as the world’s #1 selling Bourbon is a no-brainer setting you up perfectly to deliver a range of quality drinks like the Mint Julep, or the Sazerac. whisky

Being lighter than scotch and smoother than bourbon, Canadian Whisky is blended for a more balanced flavour with CC being aged for 6 years unlike bourbon that by law may be aged for only two. A bottle of Canadian Club should always sit high on the order list for the standard CC & Dry through to the classic Sidecar you’ll be moving through this bottle at pace. Whiskey

Overseen by the Irish Whiskey Act of 1980 most Irish whiskey’s are distilled three times and peat is rarely used in the malting process, providing Irish Whiskey a much smoother finish as opposed to the smokey, earthy overtones common in Scotches. Jameson is renowned for being triple distilled and twice as smooth, making it the go-to brand for a beautiful Jameson Sour, Mint Julep, or the staple – Jameson & Dry. Single Malt

Is a sophisticated Whisky that is enjoyed worldwide and is steeped in tradition. Enjoying a single-malt whisky is a complex experience of scent, taste and feel for the true connoisseur stepping away from blended recipes. Glenmorangie is our pick to start your collection, the original ten-year-old single malt opens with detection of vanilla and almond flavors before it ripples along the palate for a burst of flowery fruitiness. The delicate, velvety texture offers a touch of the smokiness, synonymous with single malts.


Having nailed the Whisk(e)y’s we now look towards the remaining spirits, click through to read on...

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  • Murray says
    I'd save them up for when my wife finishes her degree & have a big party to celebrate her becoming the breadwinner for a while & me getting to slack off for a bit. I think I'd be able to make her a manhattan & me a mint julep & a whole lot of others with that lot.
  • Alexis says
    Ok, my wife is having a baby shower to celebrate the impending arrival of our first, so I'm planning on having the ultimate "BABY POWER", full day of a meat only BBQ with the boys (no salads, not even potato salad), there'll be coffee spare ribs, beer can chicken (photo attached is from Xmas) and now classic cocktails, rob roys, rusty nails, manhattans, black russians (no coke), mint juleps, whiskey sours and the lot, which'll be easy since i'm one of those old ex-hospo whores. Oh, and of course...cigars to welcome the little fulla. This'll be the last blast before it's all diaper martinis and milk powder manhattans.
  • Amanda says
    Got my Mum coming over from the UK for her first ever visit to NZ. Could show her some great Kiwi hospitality with cocktails and a sausage on the barbie! Perfect :)
  • chas says
    I would have a huge party to celebrate my mothers 70th birthday. All her friends drink spirits and there would be no way I could afford to supply the drinks without a prize like this. C'mon GetFrank, help me thank my mum!!!!
  • New Member says
    i would do a bartender course
  • lois says
    Oh indeed I need this With 11 grandchildren the eldest turns 21 in December. Would certainly make for a very memorable birthday
  • Russell says
    I would throw my hardworking gf the best birthday party ever! I would body shot half of this stuff off of her before everyone arrives and make some awesome cocktails and shooters. Depth-charges, grenades, you name em, i'll be doing them!
  • Maria_w says
    We are moving to our new house so what a perfect way to celebrate but open our door and bar to our families and friends.
  • Bryce says
    I'd host a MASSIVE cocktail party for all my friends, and serve up every cocktail recipe they can bring me! I'd get each person to print off a cocktail recipe to bring with them, and only allow entry if they brought one!
  • Mike says
    If I had this I would definately have to brew up some "Long Island Iced Tea's". My recipe is:
    Handful of Ice
    2 nips of Tequila
    2 nips of Rum
    2 nips of Gin
    2 nips of Vodka
    1 nip of Cointreau
    Squeeze of a lemon
    Top up with Coke

    And finally to finish it off... a straw, a little umbrella and a wee plastic animal that sits on the edge of your glass.

    NB: There are many other variations of this recipe but this is my favourite. :)

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