Flaming Lemon Drop

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1 1/2 shots citrus based vodka

1 splash Galliano herbal liqueur

1/2 slice lemon

1/4 tsp sugar

1/4 tsp over proof rum

Pour vodka into a glass with a splash of galliano. Place lemon slice flat on the rim of the shot glass, put some sugar on the slice and then soak the sugar with the rum. Light up the sugar to caramelize the sugar blow it out >> Lick the sugar off the lemon slice, down the vodka mixture, then either suck the juices or bite the pulp of the lemon. RocknRoll!


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  • DeeDee says
    ...new addition to the cocktails recipe database!....am trying to remember if I have used the Galliano herbal liqueur before.....as I occasionally like to mix drinks for my girlfriends when we have dinner nights or sports nights in the man cave....this could be in the next one me thinks....
  • Anna says
    the bar tender burnt me last time i went out when he was making flaming drinks for the people next to me =(
  • Wice says
    I'd go for this. You could very easily burn your tongue on the hot caramalised sugar though if you licked too soon!
  • Wice says
    Hey - Three girls on the boys forum! Are we taking over :-)
  • DeeDee says
    ...they won't know until its to late to do anything...hahaha
  • KH says
    I guess we like our cocktails...
    • DeeDee says
      ...I love cocktails well making them am trying to cut down on consuming though.....which is a constant battle....

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