Flaming Giraffe

/img/placeholder.gif?aHR0cDovL2Zhcm01LnN0YXRpYy5mbGlja3IuY29tLzQxMzQvNDc4MTc0NDY0M18wMmFiMDkwYjlkLmpwZw==Flaming Giraffe  - Flaming Cocktail Recipe

½ Shot Kahlua

¼ Shot butterscotch schnapps

¼ Shot Over proof rum

Pour kahlua first your shot glass, add the butterscotch schnapps with the over proof rum on top before lighting it up.



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  • Prettyboy says
    Kahlua is one of the coolest drinks ever. Love it with Coke or Milk. Would give this a shot.
  • barnes10 says
    flaming heck! love my butterscotch though.
  • Jackson says
    The missus was swooning over this, reckons that by the end of the evening the drink wouldn't be the only thing all lit up.

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