The Mahia Mule – new “Blocktails” trend with IceBar Co. ice blocks

It’s that time of year again to stock our cupboards up with cocktail ingredients for the hot summer ahead.  Luckily, we’ve discovered the latest cocktail trend to hit our shores straight from New York, which makes this super easy!  Blocktails are made with delicious IceBar Co. ice blocks - the delicious Classic Brewed Ginger Beer, Lemon Lime & Bitters and the new Summer Peach Ice Tea ice blocks.  Trust us, you need to stock up.

Blocktails are as simple as taking the ice block off the stick (leave it to soften a little first), adding your favourite cocktail ingredients, and shaking or blending your way to the easiest cocktail ever!  The ice block acts as the ice and the mixer, so you can really cut down on buying ingredients.  Plus, you get to eat leftover ice blocks - bonus!  The IceBar Co.’s ice blocks are the perfect flavours for this fun and simple summer drink.  

Check out the recipe below for the Mahia Mule - developed here in NZ by the folks at IceBar Co., tried and recommended by Chelsey!  If you prefer non-alcoholic, no worries - just leave out the alcohol or replace with soda water or lemonade.

Mahia Mule

1. Thaw IceBar Co. Classic Brewed Ginger Beer ice block so that it can slide off the stick
2. Once stick removed, place in shaker, lowball glass, or mug
3. Add 3 drops of bitters, 45ml (3 measures) of Absolut Vodka, and 15ml (1 measure) of lime juice
4. Shake or muddle and stir
5. Pour into glass or mug with ice, and garnish with a wedge of lime and a mint leaf

You can also buy Blocktails prepared by a professional for the month of November - for only $9.50. Get them at 17 bars around the country - click here to find out if your local is one of them.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Blocktails recipes on Getfrank!

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  • NotTheMan says
    Yes ice blocks can be made from many things but probably not Absolut Vodka

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