Kiwi twist on the classic mojito from IceBar.Co ice blocks – the Muriwai Mojito

We couldn’t resist - we’ve got one more delicious Blocktails recipe to share with you.  Everyone loves lemon lime and bitters, and it’s a perfect mixer in cocktails.  The kiwi twist the IceBar Co. has put on a classic mojito with their Lemon Lime & Bitters ice block makes it super easy.  Mojitos are one of the most popular cocktails, but often end up in the too hard basket! Try this recipe for the Muriwai Mojito and we have no doubt you won’t need another Mojito recipe ever again.

Better buy a few extra ice blocks as well - you’ll be glad to have them left over (trust us).

Muriwai Mojito

1. Thaw IceBar Co. Lemon Lime & Bitter ice block so that is can slide off the stick
2. Once stick removed, place in a cocktail shaker or highball glass and uddle with mint leaves and limes
3. Add 45ml (3 measures) of Havana Club Rum and shake of stir
4. Pour into glass with ice and top with soda water
5. Stir and then garnish with mint leaves

If you can’t get enough of Blocktails, make sure you check out one of the 17 bars around NZ that are selling them during November - click here to find out where.

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  • New Member says
    My Favourite drink for sitting outside getting a few sun rays!!
  • New Member says
  • Jonathan says
    Mmmmmmm Mojito..
  • csew says
    Gotta love a Mojito for the summer
  • Lee says
    Man I have had some horrible mojito experiences
  • chris says
    Great twist for the upcoming NZ summer. It looks like it wouldn't be as horribly sweet as some of the ones they serve up in Auckland. I think I'd give this a go in a bigger quantity by making a batch up in a jug....

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