The meteoric rise of online entertainment and the decline of land-based entertainment

How do you spend your free time? Are you all about going out or do you prefer to cosy up at home?

We all enjoy spending our leisure time differently, but recent trends suggest a strong bias towards enjoying a night in. With online entertainment on the rise, land-based locations are looking emptier than ever. But why are we ditching a night out for the couch?

In this article, we’re exploring why land-based entertainment has experienced a decline and which online entertainment sources are most popular right now. Want to know more? Scroll down to learn about entertainment trends.

What is land-based entertainment?

Before we jump into declines and rises, we’ll quickly cover the basics.

The term “land-based” throws people off, as many link the phrase with animals. However, land-based refers to physical places and entertainment sources. If it’s not a website, it’s a land-based entertainment option!

For example, visiting the cinema, theatre or casino are all land-based activities. These spaces allow you to get dressed up and leave the house – perfect for any extroverts out there! On the other hand, streaming services and online casinos provide a comfortable alternative. Companies such as Netflix and are on a mission to expand their film and game selections, ensuring players can enjoy fine entertainment from home. 

Why is it declining?

So, why is land-based entertainment declining?

Though many of us still enjoy going out for the evening, land-based entertainment industries are suffering a decline in visitors. You may have noticed this through cinema closures, disappearing casinos and fewer stage productions on offer.

This decline can be linked to various factors, but one of the most prominent reasons could be the extreme rate of technological advancements online. Online casinos and streaming services are constantly updated with new titles, live games and optimized user experiences. Why go to the hassle of going out when you already have everything you need on your laptop?

Not only that, but technology provides a human connection through a screen. Instead of meeting your friends at the bar, it’s efficient to log in to a video call app to chat. Additionally, many prefer connecting with friends via video games, allowing them to explore new worlds and challenges without leaving their beds.

Many view land-based options as more expensive, time-consuming and fussier in general. Could this be the end of nights out for us? Unlikely, but it does signal a strong move towards online entertainment!

The rise of online entertainment

Without a doubt, online entertainment is on the rise. Internet options have always been popular, but we’re seeing these options overtaking land-based alternatives.

As previously stated, there’s a stronger attraction to online sources, thanks to optimized user experience, increased connectivity and the overall ease of internet usage. However, another critical factor to consider is the broad diversity of online entertainment.

From first-person shooter games and suave online casinos to relaxing podcasts and educational documentaries, there’s always media to fit your mood. All ages, genders and tastes are catered for online – ideal for anyone who wants to explore new interests.

So, what are the most popular forms of online entertainment in 2022? Here are some of the top picks:

Streaming websites 

Whether you tune in to a game-based or IRL lifestyle stream, video streaming websites are at an all-time high. Sites such as Twitch offer users the chance to broadcast their gameplay and thoughts to hundreds of viewers, allowing them to connect with like-minded audiences worldwide. Many are swapping a day out for their favourite streamer’s content, and we can see why!

Online casino games

Land-based casinos have been a popular form of entertainment for decades, but online casino alternatives are slowly replacing these real-life options. Online casinos provide classic games, modern slots and exciting bingo games. No matter your mood, there’s an iGame to impress you. Plus, these games can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home, without the uncomfortable suit and tie!

Social media platforms

Finally, though it feels obvious, we can’t miss out on social media platforms. These apps are so integrated into our lives that they no longer feel like entertainment options. However, thanks to new features, premium content and expanded connectivity, they’re still one of the top choices for an evening in.

Final thoughts

It’s true, online entertainment is rising at an impressive pace, overtaking land-based options. These trends will only continue as developers offer unique online content. Have you noticed these trends in your life? Next time you plan an evening off, see what option your friends pick first.

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