The Fourth Dimension of Flight

Mention the word “airship” and folk inevitably think of the Hindenberg. I’m told, however, that the principal cause of that disaster wasn’t bad design. Apparently, the Germans couldn’t lay their hands on a supply of helium that was necessary to show off the craft, so they opted to fill it with hydrogen instead. However, the concept is now being refloated by a Californian company, Aeros to meet growing demand for a greener method of moving freight. There’s also a humanitarian need; that of getting food and supplies into remote areas not serviced by airports.

A new paradigm in air transport is the advent of the Aeroscraft - an aircraft that utilises adjustable buoyant and dynamic lift, creating unique capabilities beyond what is available from any other air platform today. This remarkable idea grew out of the belief that there is a more comfortable way to fly than simply applying a luxury upgrade to an 8 existing airframe and re-naming it.



Speed Range 0-222 kph
Max Operating Altitude 0-3,657 m
Max Range 5,000 km
Overall Length 64 m
Overall Width 36 m
Overall Height 17 m
Cabin Area 500 m2

In distinct contrast to hybrid airship concepts, the Aeroscraft has the ability to manage its own lift, depending on the stage of flight. The enabling technology is the lift management system. The control of static heaviness, or COSH, system allows the craft to constantly adjust the component of static lift by changing the volume of the gas envelope in conjunction with the flight profile status.

The vehicle’s buoyancy management system allows the craft to take off and land vertically, and to hover for extended
periods; it also compensates for fuel burn and atmospheric conditions, without external ballasting or venting of
buoyant gas. The helicopter-like vertical takeoff and landing capability, and the ability to operate from unprepared fields, enhances the usefulness of the Aeroscraft by providing access to remote areas anywhere around the world. The ML866 offers speeds of 120 knots and up to 5,000 square feet of interior cabin space.


Worldwide Aeros Corp is heavily involved in the research, development and production of a complete family of air vehicles used in government and commercial applications, including the Aeros 40D Sky Dragon airship (blimp). Aerostats are tethered balloon systems used for applications like broadcast video cameras such as those seen at sporting venues and floating billboards.

The capabilities of the Aeroscraft lead to its unique functionality. Use it as a private sky yacht, travelling beyond the ocean, or as a fully functional business office and conference centre. The luxury appointment options are endless, limited only by your imagination. The Aeros design team will help translate your dreams into an airborne reality.
What if ocean cruises were offered in luxurious quarters gliding above the ocean’s surface? You could soar right past crowded ports and congested highways, skimming just above forests, canyons and cities. The Aeroscraft could move from ocean to inland without stopping, delivering its passengers to inland resorts and national parks hundred of miles from sea. From party cruises that last a day, to worldwide voyaging that lasts a month or more, the Aeroscraft ML866 cruise liners are set to rewrite the book on adventure travel.

Kitted out as an office or conference centre, the craft can be equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including computerised offices and videoconferencing capabilities. Whilst on the ground, the “conference centre” will accommodate up to 100 people. One of the Executive layouts includes a private stateroom, separate dining area, office and a library, as well as numerous work stations, all circling the large central conference table. The Commercial layout includes a very spacious observation deck featuring walls of glass, seating areas and a bar.

nullThe ultimate in luxury travel would be the Private layout. Two large ensuite staterooms, a sports room, quarters for crew, separate dining area and office/study provide plenty of space for entertaining in style. When it comes to luxury travel, the ML866 will surely set new benchmarks the world over. Who wouldn’t want to experience incredible views while soaring quietly over beautiful landscapes and famous landmarks? The comfort and space on offer will make First
Class seem paltry. While airlines and private jets offer the ability to do business on the go, the ML866 will also provide a space to do business when you arrive.

The company is also looking to introduce an enormous cargo version that will facilitate a faster and greener approach to long-haul freight movement. Production of a prototype ML866 has begun, with a test flight planned for 2010.

Further information about Worldwide Aeros Corp and their ML866, contact Edward Pevzner on Tel +323 201 8306, or email


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  • bryn says
    There doesn't seem to be any mention of what happens when theres a bit of wind...!

    I wonder why that is?

  • Reno says
    Never thought that a bag of flammable gas was a good idea to use as a form of transportation lol.

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