Protecting your phone at winter events

With some great winter events coming up, like Ohakune’s Mardi Gras 2013, happening Saturday June 29, staying in contact with friends is important. In fact, 92% of us bring our smartphones to events. I can only assume the other 8% haven’t jumped on the smartphone bandwagon… yet! 

Most of us take our phones wherever we go – if they aren’t glued to our hand, they’re always nearby. But keeping your phone close doesn’t always mean that it’s safe. Nearly a third of us don’t have a password lock on our smartphone, and over a third of us don’t take any precaution at all to protect our smartphones.

To make it worse, over a third of us have had our smartphone stolen, lost or misplaced.

Here’s some tips to help you keep your phone safe this winter – whether at Mardi Gras, or any other event.

Watch your phone when on public transport: Globally, public transport is where more smartphones go missing (compared with your car, a taxi, outdoors, bars and restaurants/cafes). Keep an eye on your phone whenever you are on public transport, and if you are standing on a bus or train, don’t leave your phone in your back pocket.

Check app reviews before downloading: There are many concert, event, and festival apps to help you have a great experience. However, 25% of those downloading these types of app get spammed from them.

Digital ticket scalpers are on the rise:  Nearly one in five of us either know someone who has purchased dodgy tickets, or have purchased them ourselves. These tickets do not provide the access promised, and often end up in the person who bought them missing out on the event. Over half (58%) of all problematic tickets bought from a non-legitimate source were bought online.

*Survey statistics supplied by Symantec

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  • jnzco says
    I haven't lost my phone yet cos' I keep it close like second skin.
  • SJPONeill says
    My phone is so old most spam and viruses wouldn't know how to handle it...kinda like trying to play a CD on a gramaphone...
  • carole says
    well not my loss exactly but my daughters, she has two phones lost to accidents, first one she accidentally dropped in a puddle her sony experia, was only two weeks old, and now the replacement, which parents kindly claimed on their insurance, she is out at a party and someone spills alcohol all over it, yep another one bites the dust.
  • Dave says
    What a better way to protect our mobiles than a Norton, have been tested for years and years on our PCs and laptops, pretty sure it will do the same on our mobiles... Cheers!!!
  • rodney says
    Well i havnt managed to lose my phone yet, touch wood!
  • jeffski says
    I have always wondered about smart phone security, this sounds like a great product, good on you Norton for introducing it.
  • Tanya341 says
    I have used trends-mirco phone security a year ago which has now expired and i havnt renewed it but im sure nortons will be just as good to keep it safe.
  • theresa says
    Thanks for article, learnt something new
  • becskirk says
    I have lost my phone before--- but not as you would imagine. It fell out of my pocket and into the toliet.......was not able to be saved and I was gutted. Now I am very wary when I go to the loo.
  • Anneti says
    Have not lost a phone yet!

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