Philips Fidelio AS111 Docking Speaker Review

Nigel McConnachie

Nigel is a technology and gaming enthusiast, and ex-chef, who enjoys the outdoors, staying fit and leaping outside his comfort zone.

Philips have created four new models of Fidelio Docking Speakers specifically for Android smartphone users. I tried out the AS111, which at $169.95 is the cheapest of the models.

I was impressed with the quality sound that came out of the small compact unit. It sounded fantastic in our large living area, with great bass and clarity on a variety of types of music, from rock to pop to dubstep.  Its user friendly Bluetooth linking the unit and android phone really stood out for me though. It meant I could keep my phone in my pocket and still listen to the music for a good distance (the signal worked between walls for about 15 metres). The Bluetooth also had clock and alarm synchronisation - the clock on the dock set itself when it connected to my phone through Bluetooth.

Philips also have a couple of android apps that you can use with the dock – the Fidelio app, giving you access to thousands of radio stations worldwide, and Songbird, which allows you to sync and update your music.  The only con that I found with this dock is that to use the full potential of the Songbird features through the app you need to buy the full version of the app. But, at $3-4, it’s a con I can live with…

Overall, this Philips have created a fantastic speaker dock, and I’d recommend it for any Android user who isn’t planning on defecting to Apple any time soon.

Philips Fidelio Docking Speakers, AS111

RRP $169.95 


 - Bluetooth music streaming from Android powered device

 - Auto clock synchronisation with Android powered phone

 - Soft glow nightlight

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  • "Hickory Dickory Dock" it's a "Clock Dock", sounds kind of sexual somehow.
    Classy and looks sexy, it's now on my Christmas wish list. Ho Ho Ho!
  • JamesM says
    Looks great, don't mean to be picky but I'm not sure if I would want my phone sitting up like that. I'm sure it's well supported, I just know how many times I have nearly broken the dock connector on my current dock! Cool gadget.
  • The last few weeks l couldn't help but notice the big sellection of speaker docks to choose from, thye keep popping up in brochures. As JamesM mentioned l wouldn't want my phone sticking up like that, good thing it has a bluetooth connection
  • Roly says
    6:59... Nearly time to get up! My kids would snap that connection in no time, struggling to get the device off the station. It's like the long necked Kayan women of Burma.
  • Jeekt says
    They keep getting better
  • Amelia says
    wow the speakers look the design.
    good reviews on the web about this...although some people werent thrilled about the positioning of the light..behind the android phone..which was a bit awkward..
    looks brilliant though!
  • Jackson says
    I really like the shape of this, very modern1
  • Simon says
    Not too bad looking really
  • Eskem0 says
    Another great little portable speaker system!!
  • queenie says
    this looks & sounds really snazzy will have to go & check it out & i like the clock cos i'm always wanting to know the time

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