How to keep your cigar in perfect condition

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For people who smoke cigars, it can become something of an obsession. Over time, cigar smokers often develop precise rituals that they adhere to every time they smoke a cigar, and can be quite pedantic about how they store their cigars. If you're not privy to this obsession of smoking the 'perfect' cigar, then you also probably don't understand the need for a cigar humidor.

The basic purpose of a cigar humidor is to both store and protect cigars. Many cigar enthusiasts believe that cigars need to be stored at a precise temperature in order to maintain their peak flavor. That's exactly what the cigar humidor does - maintains a constant temperature. Opinions vary, but it's generally believed that the range between 68 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit is perfect for cigars. The humidity also needs to be controlled, and kept at a level around 70-72% humidity.

Cigar aficionados have long debated about the ideal temperature required for the storing of cigars. Some insist that even a slight fluctuation in temperature can prove detrimental to the flavor of their cigars, and insist on a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Others are a little more flexible and allow a slight amount of temperature fluctuation. Generally they all agree that the lower the temperature, the quicker the cigar will age, which will then cause a reduction in flavor. If you want to maintain the flavor, integrity and color of your favorite cigars, then a cigar humidor is essential.

What features should you look for when purchasing a cigar humidor? The one essential feature is that it must be completely closed once the lid is shut. If the lid isn't snug and secure, then it's possible that the temperature or humidity inside will fluctuate. A lid that's tight also prevents any other outside elements contaminating the cigars, and prevents any moisture exchange. It's helpful if the inside of the cigar humidor is smooth and seamless, to prevent snagging of cigars (or fingers!). It's also useful to have fittings inside the humidor to assist in the storing of the cigars.

You can choose from a variety of interior linings, but cedar is generally preferred. The best is Spanish cedar. Finally, make sure you know the exact size of your favorite cigars before you go shopping for a cigar humidor. Otherwise you might get home and find you can't fit them in! This is very important, because both cigars and humidors come in a wide variety of sizes. As soon as you get your cigar humidor home, start using it, so that your cigars will have a long life, minimal aging and the best flavor possible.

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  • Cameron says
    Good question. The Humidor isn't completely sealed therefore it allows the passage (a minute amount) of fresh air from the outside, through the humidor and around the cigars. This means the cigars will be well humidified but wont go mouldy. To answer your question directly, it is really the wood and type of humidifier. Spanish Cedar absorbs water excellently, and with the addition of a humidifier which constantly releases just 65-74 percent humidity, the humidor is able to keep the humidity regulated. So the combination of the wood, which absorbs extra moisture, the lack of a 'true seal' and the humidifier, a humidor ensures a precise amount of humidity all the time.
  • New Member says
    Ive found it difficult to find the right humidor solution in NZ, so decided to make my own.... and have a bit of fun with it..(see video)

    Regarding humidors, just a note, make sure you 'season' the humidor when you get it. The easiest way to do this is to put some of TJs Awesome Humidor Solution into a wee dish in the humidor overnight. This will enable the interior of the humidor to absorb the distilled water.

    The other thing to remember is when adding new cigars, make sure you check the humidity level, and top up the humidifier with some distilled water or TJs Awesome Humidor Solution, as the cigars will need to settle down as well.

    I have found new cigars take a few days to settle, but is well worth the wait!

    • JasonMantis says
      You might just be one of the pedants that the article refers to! Mind you, I'm totally on your side. I don't own a humidor, but I do love a cigar every now and again. Mainly on special occasions as it's getting more socially unacceptable to smoke them these days. I salute your commitment!
    • Good god, I have a cigar??? Where is it???
    • I'm sure your cigar will stay in perfect condition as long as you don't use it like President Bill Clinton did, for foreplay.

      Sorry you were talking about a "cigar humidor" not cigar humour, Smokin'
      • New Member says
        well i guess it is one way to keep your cigar humid...

        re the unacceptability, ive found most people actually prefer cigar smokers than cigarette carries the 'cigar aura' with it... you know, the 'yes im smoking a cigar and im loving it' kind of mentality, rather than the 'yes i smoke cigarettes... and? ... im trying to look cool'

        All up though, Cigars and humidors are a hobby and one that i thoroughly enjoy!..

        ( all the way!.. tell your friends and poiliticians!.. )

        re the cigar humour, ... its what i did with the humidor solution,... i was going to use the slogan.. keeping your cigars moist since... however thought better of it :-)

      • Nic says
        I hate how often you find corner stores or liquor stores that ACTUALLY stock cigars, but there humidors are down at about 40-50% humidity so you know the cigars are most likely dry and bitter.
        Such a shame...

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