New Zealand's Best Gambling Locations

New Zealand, renowned for its stunning scenery, rich Maori heritage, and as the backdrop for the legendary "Lord of the Rings" films, provides visitors with top-tier entertainment. Apart from its tranquil beaches, majestic mountains, and lively urban areas, the country also features a selection of opulent casinos. These not only offer exhilarating gaming moments but also showcase New Zealand's warm hospitality and delectable cuisine.

1. SkyCity Casino Auckland

Nestled within Auckland's majestic 328m Sky Tower, SkyCity Casino isn't just about gaming; it's about the experience. Operating 24/7, ensures that the city's pulse never dies down. With a whopping collection of over 150 table games and 2,000 gaming machines, players can dive into an assortment ranging from the classic Black Jack to the intriguing Tai Sai. Beginners aren't left out either; affordable learning packages are available to transform novices into seasoned players.

2. Dunedin Casino

An emblem of elegance, Dunedin Casino, based in the historic Southern Cross Hotel Building, is reminiscent of the luxurious Monte Carlo atmosphere. Originally designed in 1883 by the renowned Italian architect Louis Boldini, this casino marries the charm of Victorian elements with the excitement of modern gaming. With nearly 200 slot machines, seven distinct table games, and a spacious bingo room, there's something for everyone. To satiate your hunger, The Grand Bar and Café serves authentic New Zealand delicacies.

3. Christchurch Casino

Carrying the legacy of being New Zealand's first casino since 1994, Christchurch Casino has maintained its elite status. Spread across a wide space, the casino offers over 34 diverse table games and more than 500 slot machines. A unique addition is the esports arena, where PS4 aficionados can indulge for free. For food lovers, 'The café' offers an array of dishes from local Kiwi classics to exotic Asian fusion. For those keen on live sports, the Monza Sports Bar presents an immersive experience, further enhanced by an annual event, The New Zealand Poker Championship.

4. SkyCity Casino Hamilton

Part of the illustrious entertainment group of SkyCity, this casino offers stunning views overlooking the Waikato River. Its vast gaming space features 350 slot machines and 23 table games, presenting a myriad of choices for guests. One of its standout events is the "Money Carlo," where participants stand a chance to bag an impressive NZD 4000. For sports lovers, The Zone Sports Bar provides an immersive experience with its large screen. For foodies, The EAT Burger is a must-visit, and those looking for a fun diversion can try the 10-lane bowling alley.

5. SkyCity Casino Queenstown

Though more compact in size, this casino doesn't compromise on quality. With 86 gaming machines and 12 gaming tables, it caters to various gaming tastes. For dining, The Wild Thyme Kitchen offers a menu that's both delectable and pocket-friendly. Their enticing house combos, offering a meal paired with a drink for just NZD 20, are definitely worth a try.

For anyone considering a visit, it's vital to note that New Zealand casinos maintain an entry age restriction of 20 years. Moreover, it's prudent to be aware of each casino's dress code and to choose games strategically for the best experience.

Honourable Mentions

New Zealand's main cities have more casino options to offer, but we don't have the time for all:

  1. Wharf Casino, Queenstown - A boutique casino with a cosy ambience, offering visitors a more intimate gaming experience.
  1. SkyCity Casino, Whangarei - Though not as large as its counterparts in Auckland or Hamilton, it still delivers a solid gaming experience in a vibrant setting.
  1. Rotorua Casino Resort - More than just a casino, this establishment prides itself on a luxurious resort and natural geothermal pools.
  1. Napier Grand Casino - Set in the art deco city of Napier, this casino combines history with contemporary gaming.
  1. Wellington Royal Casino - Located in the capital city, this casino offers gaming options and also frequently hosts live shows.
  1. Taupo Lakeside Casino - As the name suggests, this casino provides breathtaking views of Lake Taupo

Plenty of Gambling Destinations to Visit in New Zealand

In conclusion, while New Zealand's natural wonders and Maori culture remain its primary allure, the country's top-notch casinos offer an additional dimension to the traveller's experience. However, if you’re not in one of the larger cities in New Zealand, but you still fancy some downtime, you should still make sure to do your research. assesses online gambling sites throughout New Zealand, meaning you can find a Jackpotcity, Wildz, or bet365 review to make sure you’re up to date and informed. New Zealand has more to offer than ever before, so make sure you make the most of it and experience everything you can while you’re there.

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