Interview: David Williams

390km Sea to summit running adventure of Mt Kilimanjaro

Frank: So what inspired this adventure?

Dave: Firstly no one has successfully done this before, and secondly this will hopefully be the first of many Sea 2 Summit climbs of famous mountains around the world.

Frank: What other mountains are you planning climbing from Sea 2 Summit?

Dave: My overall goal is to be the first person to climb the highest mountain in each 7 continents from sea level. I attempted the 250km sea to summit of Mt Aconcagua in Chile/Argentina in January but got forced off the mountain by a deadly storm so I will have to return to finish that one.

Frank: What is so special about climbing a mountain from sea level when you can start from the base of the mountain?

Dave: This way you climb every single metre of the mountain and get an extra adventure on the way. It’s a fantastic way to see the countries in a way no one else experiences them. You miss so much when you drive along at 100km.

Frank: Back to your next adventure of Kilimanjaro, how long do you expect this to take you?

Dave: Well, my goal is to run 390km in 10 days and that works out to be 5 consecutive marathons, a rest day then 4 more consecutive marathons. I have organised the distances so I end up in small towns where I will rest and shelter for the night away from any predatory night stalkers haha.

Frank: You mean lions and other animals? How do you plan on out running them?

Dave: My partner Ally will be my support crew and she will be following me on a Tuk-tuk scooter, so we can make a quick getaway and a place for shade if I need it.

Frank: haha, ok I’ll leave that run to you! Once you reach the mountain what is the next step?

Dave: I have to do it guided so I plan to climb the lesser travelled Umbwe route, with a guide and my cameraman/tuk-tuk- driver/massage therapist. This should take 4-5 days so overall the whole adventure will be around 16 days all going to plan.

Frank: What will you do when you finish?

Dave: Consume some amber goodness and celebrate. Maybe see if there is a KFC in Tanzania as I have been on a pretty strict diet. Following this we are going to stay in Tanzania for another 2 months volunteering at community centres in the town of Iringa.

Frank: What support have you had for this Adventure?

Dave: I am sponsored by the NZ owned Outdoor specialist store Bivouac who have been more than generous in supplying all the best quality gear I need. The charity I am raising money and awareness for is Movember NZ, specifically the male Mental Health Foundation. Also the school I teach Outdoor Education at Edgewater College has given me this year off to pursue this dream. My manager Ryan who developed the concept, plus all my friends, family and partner have been incredibly supportive. 

Frank: Well the team at Getfrank wish you all the best, how can we follow your journey?

Dave: Cheers, either see my daily updates at or ‘like’ and follow my Facebook page ‘sea2summit7’

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