Where to Find Roulette Online

As one of the popular online casino games, online roulette enjoys a long and interesting history with its invention attributed to the mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal. In fact, roulette was a little of an accident as Pascal was attempting to invent the perpetual motion machine.


The earliest form of roulette for the casino was introduced back in the 18th century in Paris which incidentally was very similar to the game we know today with its red and black pocket which were numbered one through to thirty six. Interestingly, the earlier versions of roulette also had two green pockets (zero and double zero)

There is also a legend surrounding the Blanc brothers who developed the single zero roulette wheel, that they sold their souls to the devil in exchange for the secrets of the roulette wheel ( all the numbers from one to thirty-six add up to six, six, six!)

During the 1800’s the game really soared in popularity being at one time called ‘king of casino games’

The Modern Game of Roulette

Today, we can enjoy both the American version of roulette which has the double zero or the single version of the game - playing online we can enjoy many variations of both types of roulette alongside other, online specific games tailored for the online player.

There is an extensive range of roulette listed at FruityKing.co.nz which are playable over all platforms, which means if you fancy a quick spin of the wheel whilst out and about that's fine (as long as you have an internet connection!) The online games today are optimised from iOS and Android users for whenever the mood takes hold, convenience is the name of today's game and that is one of the main reasons that online casino games have taken off.

Of course, no matter what platform you are using you will still be offered some bonuses and promotional offers created to suit many tastes. From a generous welcome bonus to weekly promotions for existing customers there should be something to suit everyone.

The Pull of Live Online Roulette

Many of us love pokies, millions in fact enjoy a spin on the reels and there is a huge amount of different genres and themes to choose from. Sometimes though it’s great to try a change and the one way to do this is to try the live games which some online casino sites offer.

Live games are about as close as you are going to get to stepping into the lobby of a bricks and mortar casino. Online live games providers include NetEnt, Microgaming and Evolution Gaming.

How Online LIve Roulette Games Work

Live games take place in real time, they are hosted by a real live human croupier/dealer and are streamed to your screen from a land-based venue. The professional staff are dedicated to providing players with a fully immersive experience, you can even chat with each other at times via the ‘live chat’ feature on your screen, and of course there is no need to get dressed up, organise transport or check the weather when playing from home.

Practice your strategies, interact with other players whilst enjoying your favourite roulette games - the choice is yours, and you never know, it might just be your lucky day!

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