The top adventure games on mobile right now

As well as watching health and fitness content on popular platforms like YouTube and posting images of memorable events with friends on social media, millions of people explore a variety of games on their smartphone devices. Some of the most popular games are adventure titles, largely because they’re immensely fun, but also because they enable gamers to enjoy an endless amount of exploration.

Adventure games are some of the most unique products available to sample, too. All an adventure gamer craves is to be taken on a memorable escapade with an intriguing storyline, an ingredient many of the leading titles on mobile serve up. Given the saturation in the mobile category of gaming, though, sometimes the very best products can get lost among the dross. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the top adventure games on mobile right now.

Evoland 2 isn’t free but it’s worth the investment

Evoland 2 isn’t free to play, but it’s most definitely worth the investment. One of the best adventure games on mobile, it combines a variety of genres, like trading cards and hack-and-slash, to create one of the best adventures you can possibly have. With the product progressing through the various eras of gaming, this exploration release has plenty of layers to it as you explore a lot and tackle a variety of different obstacles that pop up along the way. In terms of serving up a diverse collection of adventures to smash through, Evoland 2 absolutely nails it.

Pokemon Go provides the ultimate immersive experience

Although Pokemon Go has been wowing audiences since 2016, the game has managed to stay fresh with a number of slick updates and the addition of new Pokemon, therefore leaving trainers with a constant selection of things to accomplish in the game. The product’s augmented reality feature separates it out from the rest, with players only able to explore this particular title while out and about. Players can take down gyms and fill up their Pokedex, alongside battling against other trainers and smashing daily tasks. The game is fun, immersive, and it will take you on plenty of adventures in an outdoor setting.

The Jurassic Park casino slot offers dinosaur-inspired adventure

Although this particular option isn’t strictly an adventure game as such, the fact that it is based on one of the most epic science fiction movies that is packed full of dinosaur-themed adventures makes it a worthwhile inclusion. The Jurassic Park casino slot, which is powered by Microgaming and was remastered in 2021, has plenty of plus points. Along the journey to success, you’ll be greeted by dinosaur-inspired free spins features that will no doubt be familiar if you’ve watched Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of Michael Crichton’s best-selling book before. Played on 5 reels and 3 rows, you’ll enjoy this one, particularly as it feels like you’re in the jungle thanks to the game’s excellent backdrop.

Genshin Impact is one of the best adventure titles around

When assessing open-world titles that capture the essence of games like Zelda: Breath of the Wild, not many releases have impressed gamers as much as Genshin Impact has. With a huge open-world setting to explore and a selection of testing quests to navigate your way through, you won’t be short on things to do in this highly impressive product. Also featuring gacha RPG elements, players have to unlock characters the further they advance through the game’s quests, although it becomes more of a challenge the further you get. The missions are a great deal of fun, too.

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