Online Game: Super Mario Brothers


The Nintendo Classic re-made for Online. Arrows to move, and space to fire.

If your screen jumps around playing, left click the mouse on a corner within the game and that should sort it out.


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  • Tom says
    A good distraction from any study i should be doing!
  • Face says
    I beat the game :| its only 6 levels lol hey admins when does this competition end?

  • Jason says
    71,000 points

  • Ash says
    Ah, yeah when does this comp finish?

  • Tristan says

    Tedius but god im hungry

  • Getfrank says
    Friday 8th August @ 6am we'll close the competition - cheers.
  • reagan says

  • reagan says
  • Face says
    I love this game!

  • David says
    120000 Points FTW!
    Pity it won't let me post my picture, seems it's an issue with my new version of firefox on an old mac... The picture, however, is hosted here:

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