Online Game: Super Mario Brothers


The Nintendo Classic re-made for Online. Arrows to move, and space to fire.

If your screen jumps around playing, left click the mouse on a corner within the game and that should sort it out.


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  • Switch says
    When the game on the page got loaded, Lol... i thought Mario n Luigi were gonna have a fist-fight..!!

  • Murray says
    did everyone else's screen move all over the place while playing?
    • brian says
      yes the screen was a mess --clicked the game as stated but no change . spoiltthe whole game but i kept trying but no good
    • T says
      Yep it moved all over the place and yet the competitor in me kept going back down to see where I was but unfortunately because of the screen moving all over the place... my lives died fast.
    • reagan says
      yep makes it impossible

    • Getfrank says
      Gutted, on the case see if we can sort something out - cheers!
    • Getfrank says
      If you're screen is jumping around, click on the game and it should stop, it's when your mouse has clicked outside the game that it moves at our end. Appreciated.
    • this is great fun
    • Face says
      Heres my best so far...hope I win

    • Face says
      For anyone who cant read that it says 44225 points. hehe.
    • Rob says
      Not bad for a first effort.

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