Online Game: Bejeweled


Yet another gem-swapping game. Aim of classic bejeweled game is to swap adjacent gems to match sparkling jewels, create a power gem and destroy gems on one go.


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  • Jackson says
    Bejeweled could well be better named bewitched because this game is far too addicting. i have versions on my pc, mobile and Ipod and can be found during coffee breaks furiously trying to match the jewels and not to impressed when i am on a roll and close to beating my personal best and called back to work. I've been known to play a few minutes when stuck at traffic lights too - suppose that will soon be illegal lol!
  • EarlyRiser says
    I found the worst thing about playing this game is that I end up moving objects and people backwards and forwards in my dreams. Highly addictive!
  • New Member says
    yup so addictive, but real fun,love it
  • Catherine says
    This is my addictiona on facebook quite a pro too!!!

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