Online Game: Bass Fishing Pro


A great fishing game. In each round of the game you have a certain amount of fishes which you have to catch. You are sitting in a boot trying to collect as many fishes as possible. To play this great game, use your arrow keys to move the line up or down, left or right to move the boat. The way is pretty easy.

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  • Murray says
    Fun game but as with all of your games arrow keys move the page as well as the car, makes for a very frustrating time
  • Ryan says
    What do you do after you have parked the car?? It not recognising that i have parked the car

  • Getfrank says
    Sorted now Ryan, cheers for that.

    What browser are you running on Murray? Does the screen still move if you click the mouse on the game? Appreciated -
  • Scott says
    it would be great if my screen didnt move too
  • New Member says
    Bloody screen moving Grrrrr
  • aghhhhh how come i cant move the up and down button without the damn page moving help :(
  • gareth says
    just right click the screen on the right hand side will stop it moving.
  • Denny says
    Dis sucks da bloddy screen
  • Shaun says
    A cool game but nothing I do can stop the screen from moving, really frustrating. Im using Windows Internet Explorer...
  • Marty says
    Level 3 was probably the hardest >_<

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