Miner Solitaire

Discard all the cards in pairs of the same suit, except the four Aces. Discard pairs of cards of the same suit (for example, 5 of hearts and a King of hearts) that are in the same row or column. Cards are automatically replaced from the stock. If the stock is exhausted, click on the Fill button to consolidate the cards. The game is won if only the four Aces remain on the tableau and the remaining forty eight lower-ranking cards have been paired up. 

Genre: Solitaire 

Game Trailer of the game Miner Solitaire. 

Play the game on GamesOnly: http://www.gamesonly.net.

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  • Raven says
    This looks like an interesting solitaire game. Something a bit different from the usual solitaire card games.
  • Nos4R2D2 says
    I installed the Solitaire game pack for Windows 8 then had to uninstall it because I became addicted and it was taking up too much time.
  • PC Games can certainly be addictive all right, myself l like Black Bitch.

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