Scarlet Nexus Review: Game for Which You Can Become an Anime Fan

Scarlet Nexus takes place in a 2020 alternate reality. Two thousand years ago, humanity was almost destroyed by the Others - aggressive, ugly creatures that consume human brains. Then the invasion was stopped but since then, the Extinction Belt has hung over the planet - a new layer of the atmosphere, endlessly giving birth to mutants. The anomaly does not stand still, and where it passes, Others devastate everything in their path.

How to Cope with Monsters?

It is almost impossible to cope with monsters with ordinary weapons: many of them have superpowers that make a difference. To protect humanity, people began to train psionic soldiers. In the Scarlet Nexus universe, almost everyone is born with one or another ability, but only a few can control really impressive abilities like telepathy, super speed, and pyrokinesis. Such people are trained and enrolled in the OPI - the paranormal special forces, quickly reacting to any emergence of mutants in the cities. If you are intrigued with the plot, try to play at one of the available platforms.

Choose Your Character

Before starting the game, you need to decide on the protagonist: the selfless guy Yuito Sumeragi and the excellent student Kasane Randall. The plot, regardless of the character, remains unchanged, but the view of the characters on specific events will differ significantly. During the same event, they can be in different places, receive different information, and draw different conclusions. Therefore, to look at the story from different points of view and sort everything out on the shelves, you need to pass the game twice for both heroes.

Choose Your Power

Scarlet Nexus does not stop at telekinesis: in addition to his own abilities, the protagonist can also “rent” the skills of companions - depending on the group, the arsenal of powers may include up to four techniques. Partners will happily share super speed, invisibility, teleportation, or, for example, cloning objects that you can throw using telekinesis. So, super speed will help to beat fast Others, Bosses or hit the vulnerability of the enemy. Cloning doubles the number of items thrown, significantly increasing the damage, and helps to hit the weaknesses of enemies. 

Companion talents can also be leveled by adding new effects, but this has to be done on the battlefield. Between the missions, the game offers to build relationships with the characters, just like in Mass Effect: ask them about the past, about their hobbies, and find common interests. 

Soon you notice that you are talking to your partners not only for bonuses in the battle but also because it is interesting to spend time with them. Then, more serious questions are discussed, which you do not expect from the game at all.

In Conclusion

​​Scarlet Nexus is the game that exceeds your expectations because everything is much cooler than you have imagined. Whenever it seems that the game revealed all the cards, the creators offer a new way of killing the enemy or a partner with new superpowers.

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