Finding the Most Suitable Gaming Hardware for Your Playstyle

Gaming has gone a long way since the release of Pong and of pixelated computer games such as Golden Axe. The gaming world in 2023 is bigger than ever, and it is getting bigger with the passing of every day. As the gaming industry evolves, more gaming services and more gaming products become available to gamers. From hardware like 9th generation consoles to subscriptions like Xbox Game Pass, the gaming market is full of options that make picking gaming hardware a lot harder than one thinks. Some like really modern games, some like to have an abundance of free-to-play games, and some focus solely on retro games. Knowing what you want to play in advance and what to look for in order to play your favorite games can help you make the right choice when making a gaming hardware purchasing decision.

Game Subscriptions Make a World of Difference

Most modern hardware offers more or less the same thing, which is the ability to run games that were released during different gaming generations. Many of these games are available to those deciding to become members with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo or with other providers. The subscription services for consoles, computers, and mobiles offer free gaming of top-level games. However, not all services offer the same titles. For example, Nintendo games can only be downloaded and played via Nintendo Switch Online, games like Horizon Forbidden West can only be downloaded and played via PS Plus, and games like Halo can only be downloaded and played on Microsoft environments. This means that when it comes to game subscriptions, you will always win some and lose some.

Some Gaming Services Offer a Lot More Flexibility

Some gaming providers are not restricted by exclusivities and restrictive agreements. For example, at the online casino of your preference, you can play both Playtech’s True Love slot as well as slots developed and marketed by other gaming providers like Microgaming and NetEnt. On the contrary, a PlayStation owner will never see Fable on PS Plus, and an Xbox owner will never see Ghost of Tsushima on Xbox Game Pass. You can always buy more than one console and subscribe to more than one service, but this option is not very sustainable unless you are a hardcore gamer.

Picking the Best Console for You

Calling one console “the best console” is almost impossible. Every gaming hardware has its pros and cons. The only way to try and identify the console that is most desired by gamers is to look at the sales figures. For example, Sony sold almost 120 million PlayStation 4 consoles, while Xbox One’s sales were almost two-thirds less than that. Both consoles were great, and Xbox One was probably better in some tech spec categories, but gamers seem to have found that PS4 offered a better overall gaming experience. Something similar seems to be happening with PS5 and Xbox Series X, but it is still too early to make assumptions.

Previous Gen Hardware Comes at Affordable Prices

It is no secret that the PS5 and Xbox Series X are a bit expensive for the average consumer. People still pay what Sony and Microsoft are asking for of course, but getting a ninth-generation console is still a bit hard for many gamers. Because of that, many gamers look at previous generation options and at options that are not as commercial as PlayStation and Xbox. Previous gen models and options such as the handheld Blaze Evercade EXP have a lot of gaming value. They may not be able to run games like Deathloop, of course, but they will get the job done almost 90% of the time. If your budget does not allow for a PS5, then consider going for a PS4, a Nintendo Switch or an Xbox One.

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