StressLess Proven Methods to reduce stress. Manage Anxiety and Lift Your Mood


By Matthew Johnstone and Dr Michael Player 

Your go-to guide to identify and reduce your own stress and help others do the same.  

$34.99 MacMillian Paperback.



George Eliot in the novel The Mill on the Floss advised “Don't judge a book by its cover”.  Perhaps then for this book StressLess we can judge it on the fact that, even down to the very last quote, it remains relevant, succinct, inspiring and on topic …

“The green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm.” Confucius


Advertising Creative Matthew Johnstone has teamed up with Clinical Psychologist Dr Michael Player to produce 204 pages of the best scientific practice we know at the moment to manage stress, anxiety and lift mood.   It is easy to appreciate the value of their evidence based suggestions as they are interwoven brilliantly with case notes, poignant, bold, colourful illustrations,  and relatable personal experiences. 

The suggestions are not untenable due to the time and cost that they would accrue.  Rather they allow the reader to pick what bits may work for their daily life.  More importantly perhaps is that the authors highlight what happens if stress is not managed.  Working at Mental Health like Physical Health often is more than a walk in the park.  I suggest that this book would be an ideal tool for multitaskers, supervisors and professionals managing their own well-being.

It is good to see the skills of marketing and advertising to promote wellbeing in such an effective manner.   Marketing is about creating a need.  By implementing the strategies in the book the authors hope the reader’s lives will be calmer which in turn will help others to lead a more stress less life too.



In a former life Matthew Johnstone was a successful creative in advertising. He has since taken that skill of communicating simply and effectively into writing and illustrating books and public speaking. Matthew has published nine books many of which have been bestsellers internationally. Dr Michael Player is a registered clinical psychologist and an experienced mental health researcher. Michael is presently a researcher at the University of Sydney's Brain and Mind Centre and spent the previous six years as a researcher at the Black Dog Institute.

Liam Butler Social Worker

Liam Butler is a Social Worker in the Nelson Marlborough region.  He started out reviewing books for a bit of light relief. Now he finds that he has learnt a thing or two from them.

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