Book Review:Lengthening the Shadow

Lengthening the Shadow by Dave Burt

Publisher: Mary Egan Publishing

RRP: $30.00

Dave Burt has written a book that clearly accounts how he, a motorsport loving, electrician has done the hard yards to beat the black dog of depression.   The 160 pages are easy to read in one sitting that is sure to inspire.  Dave explains how he worked hard to improve his physical health to overcome depression caused by the need for multiple hospital admissions and ensuing surgeries.

As a successful businessman, Dave knew what it takes to overcome barriers such as dyslexia to obtain an MBA and build a company that thrives.  


The 1972 Plymouth GTX c/w a 440 big block, fuel injected, supercharged engine, that featured on a recent cover car on the NZ V8 Magazine.  Dave spent two years building this car of his dreams.  When he overcame his depression he started to enjoy it again.


Lengthening the Shadow has aptly been described as an insightful and invaluable book about a Kiwi bloke fighting back against depression.  He takes ownership of his health, changing his eating habits and enjoying the endorphins and mental and physical energy increases as he upped his physical activity in a big way ….

‘I know the pain at the gym is nowhere near as bad as the pain of depression . . . so I suck up the workout pain and push myself that bit harder.’

Continuing ill-health and countless surgeries sent Auckland businessman Dave Burt spiralling down into the depths of despair and hopelessness. Something had to change. With a mate, he enrolled for a 10-week ‘ultimate body transformation’ regime at the local gym.

This thoughtful, insightful book is the remarkable story of how with a wonderful woman at his side – and the right support a Kiwi bloke fought back. This ten-week diary will make you laugh and cry, but above all, it will provide rare insight to those struggling with depression.



A note from the author Dave Burt:

 ‘The title of Lengthening the Shadow came about at the start of the book, while I was doing my morning run in the dark. I noticed that as I moved away from the street lights my shadow was short and wide, I guess, just how I felt. The further I moved from the street light, the taller and more in proportion I looked. So, every time I passed a street light, I used it as my motivation to run, to get fit and more in proportion. At the end of the challenge I came to the realisation that throughout the journey, I had lengthened my shadow in a way I hadn’t expected. From a mental wellbeing perspective, my shadow was tall and strong.’


A bit about Dave Burt

Dave Burt is a successful businessman. A registered electrician, he is the owner and director of Team Cabling that operates in Auckland, Waikato, Wellington and Christchurch, employing around 90 staff. He is heavily involved in the electrical industry – being a past president of Auckland Master Electricians and sitting Board Member of Master Electricians NZ.

Born and educated in Lower Hutt and Dave has an MBA from Massey University. He is keen on motorsport, and he recently rebuilt a 1972 Plymouth GTX c/w a 440 big block, fuel injected, supercharged engine, that featured on a recent cover car on the NZ V8 Magazine. He now enjoys going to the gym and keeping it fit – it helps him to keep well.


Dave lives in Auckland. He is married with three children and two grandchildren. Lengthening the Shadow is his first book. He is currently working on a novel.

Liam Butler

Liam Butler lives in Stoke, the cool part of Nelson. He has been reviewing books, movies and music for a bit of light relief since his student days.

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