Book Review: Pathway to Prosperity by Pat Mesiti

Jeremy Wilson

Jeremy is based in central Hawkes Bay. He is an avid reader and writer of fiction, spanning across all genres, he also writes articles for Jeremy has a solid background from within the trade industry and management.

Best-selling author ‘Mr Motivation’ Pat Mesiti invites you to explore your mindset, challenge your thinking and to acknowledge some financial truths in his latest book ‘Pathway to Prosperity’. 

Pat has captivated international audiences with conviction and passion, driving his point home towards an ambitious goal of making 10,000 millionaires within his lifetime. He has spoken for, and shared the platform with some of the world’s most influential people. He understands and appreciates the requirement (especially during this economic downturn) to bolster the minds of people who simply haven’t learned principles about money, or those who have (without even knowing) developed a negative outlook about wealth and what that might entail. 

‘Pathway to Prosperity’ appears slow moving and repetitive to begin with, but in all fairness, one can appreciate the concept behind drill training and the now we’re committed; Also this gives the impression that Pat tried his best to avoid the cheesy stigma attached to the ‘self-help’ genre, so he took a different route and any guy can attest to why he didn’t stop to ask for directions.Pat gains momentum as the book progresses, and often, the reader is drawn into deep pauses for reflection. Inspiring true stories, profound quotes, comparable anecdotes and most importantly, the reader is challenged to rethink their decision making processes. 

‘Pathway to Prosperity’ is a guide towards financial freedom, but it’s easy for the reader to apply lessons learnt from this book to general life situations and outlook. 

Verdict: Revelations. I was prompted into two revelations reading this book. I harboured some pride in the fact that I made enough money for me and my family and being content knowing that I wasn’t taking more than my share. You see, I looked at the rich as being greedy and taking more than they needed, when in reality, it’s an opportunity to help out people who don’t have advantages I have.

The other revelation was that ‘Money can’t buy you happiness’ which still rings true for me but as a rapper once said ‘I was broke, and broke aint no joke, and I can’t get high without my smizzoke’ – bottom line is that being broke is worse.

This book recommendation is fairly broad to all walks of life, but I think would be most beneficial to young people spreading their wings and leaving the nest to go flatting as Pat emphasizes the importance of actions now paying dividends in the long term. ‘Pathway to Prosperity’ would make an excellent house warming gift, it might get you some funny looks but you’re helping someone out.

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