The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Trailer


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  • rps says
    It looks good and action packed. wasn't sure 3 movies were called for but if they can keep the momentum going it will be great. am reading the book at the mo.
  • mike says
    I can not wait till this comes to the theatres, its going to be another brillant movie hiighlighting again more of NZ landscape and movie making talent!
  • Znwo says
    another awesome drawcard for our tourism industry
  • I'm really looking forward to this, plus I've been watching a whole lot of behind the scenes stuff for this and now they have actually made The Shire so when we go to Hobbiton we can get a real experience like we are visiting this awesome world
  • "The Hobbits Live Amongst Us". Looking forward to this one.
  • LUCKYONE says
    Might not get to the movies much but this is an exception. I'll be first through the door.
  • dognay says
    I read the book as a kid, and cant wait to see this film!
  • Greg says
    really looking forward to this, can't wait, I'm a big fan.
  • teabag says
    I can't wait until the 3 x Hobbit movies come out! I not only love the story, but am so proud that they are directed by a New Zealander AND the movies are shot in my homeland. Reminds me what a truly beautiful country we live in!
  • Angela says
    So looking forward to this!

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