Top 10 Youtube videos of 2010

They take up our broadband bandwidth but these Youtube clips were particularly worth it!

Here is the collection of the most watched Youtube videos on GetFrank from 2010. 

#10 Meth is a hell of drug

This video wins the internet. An ambulance. A burning house in the background. And a guy on a stretcher who refuses to let the party end.

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  • Buzzy says
    Naked on the street.

    Damn, seems like fun

    Marty CT USA
  • New Member says
    hahaha, that guys cools
  • nins6 says
    LOL...this guy!! Oblivious to the burning house behind him while giving big ups to the camera...too funny!!
  • Haha! A man after my own heart!
  • Reno says
    Look at all the views on all those videos... and each view is worth that little bit of money... It just adds up so fast.

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