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  • Win a Speights Prize Pack

    Last post: Gazza on 21.11.12 at 15:15 | Started by chris on 19.11.12

    I'm a tough southern man from south hutt valley hehehe! More about Win a Speights Prize Pack

  • Charles and Camilla Visit......

    Last post: Gazza on 21.11.12 at 15:13 | Started by Flashgg on 12.11.12

    breeding stock! love it. Yes I think she was chosen for the "cinderalla fairytale" as she was a stunner but Camilla was always Charles's favourite filly! More about Charles and Camilla Visit......

  • Where to now for Rugby League?

    Last post: Gazza on 21.11.12 at 11:00 | Started by Gazza on 21.11.12

    The shoulder charge has been banned from Rugby League which is a huge disapponiment for players and fans alike.

    I used to watch league for the SMASH"EM BRO! and this used to be the difference between league and rugby.

    So where to know for the RL? as taking the shoulder charge out of the game will surely make even more a poor cousin to rugby on the world stage. More about Where to now for Rugby League?

  • Blood Donations - do yo give!

    Last post: Gazza on 21.11.12 at 09:45 | Started by Bells-n-Whistles on 09.11.11

    Yeah I was in the UK at the time of madcow and I married it so I can't give blood. hehehehehe More about Blood Donations - do yo give!

  • NEWS - Events & Sports

    Last post: Gazza on 20.11.12 at 15:55 | Started by CORTEX on 16.11.12

    The Ab's can't win. NZers expect them to win by 1000 points every game otherwise we'll ring 2ZB and have a whinge. I enjoyed the game on Sunday and thought Italy were a half decent team but just weren't good enough to play for 80 minutes.

    Can wait for this weeks game, Wales will but tough for 30 minutes and then puff the majic dragon will run out of fire.

    AB's by 1000!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehehehehe or I'm ringing talkback! More about NEWS - Events & Sports

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