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  • Win a with Goldair for Mother's Day

    Last post: Stef on 29.04.13 at 13:47 | Started by shadowshaded on 29.04.13

    When I was a littlie, living in Granity on the S.I's west coast, about May 1960, we had a tsnunami warning, there had been a big earthquake in Chile (largest ever recorded turns out). We had to climb up the hill and stay there and anyone knows Granity, will know it's a big hill. Mum had just bought a new pop up toaster, her very first, a neat two slice pink retro one. The hill was too steep for her to carry it all the way up, so she put it up on the top floor of our two storied house. Needless to say, the tsunami hit the east coast and the toaster and all of us survived. This little toaster looks just like hers (except in white), I would love it in my kitchen. More about Win a with Goldair for Mother's Day

  • The Actual Habits – Sir Bob Jones

    Last post: Stef on 14.03.11 at 01:46 | Started by Chris on 25.06.10

    Even tho I'm the opposite sex and therefore if we met would likely weaken your will to live, I enjoy these little windows into your head from time to time. You would have made a rotten prime minister as everyone expects a leader, but at least you might have given the 'house' the clean out it needs. You sound fairly normal to me Bob and thanks for the peep. Cheers, 'Just a Mum'

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