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  • Vote for the Best Albums of 2012

    Last post: PArry on 02.12.12 at 19:17 | Started by Jaxson on 21.11.12

    Bob Dylan - Tempest More about Vote for the Best Albums of 2012

  • Win a PS3 and Assassin's Creed Revelations

    Last post: PArry on 27.10.11 at 18:13 | Started by Bayard on 11.10.11

    I would like the opportunity to win this please! More about Win a PS3 and Assassin's Creed Revelations

  • A new thatch the key to good form?

    Last post: PArry on 12.09.11 at 00:17 | Started by Kiwi Gas on 10.09.11

    There might be a correlation between good form and hair growth, especially for athletes suffering from male pattern baldness. From personal experience, hair loss can have a devastating effect on your psyche; such as, loss in self-confidence or even depression.

    Modern society places a lot of emphasis on image, and often prioritizes looks when judging a person rather than their character. And hair loss in particular, has a significant impact on a way a man looks. Men suffering from hair loss may feel inferior to men with hair and may spend a lot of their time worrying and being preoccupied with their looks rather than concentrating on the tasks on hand.

    This is no different for sports stars that are under constant media attention, often appearing in newspapers magazines and television. Athletes suffering from hair loss are probably distracted due to hair loss, thus, having a negative effect on their performance. I remember Virender Sehwag (Indian cricket player) being in a form slump when he began losing his hair but after treatment he returned to a rich vein of form. On the other hand, Irfan Pathan's (Indian cricket bowler) form slump coincided with the receding of his hair line.

    However, I disagree with your example of David Tua. Tua does not suffer from male pattern baldness; in fact, he had plenty of hair when fighting Lennox Lewis but still lost. Tua's poor form is due to his age/fitness and his inability to deal with a taller opponent's jab, thus being continually outboxed and falling behind on the score sheets.
    More about A new thatch the key to good form?

  • Breitling Chronomat GMT

    Last post: PArry on 13.07.11 at 12:34 | Started by samala on 09.07.11

    Stylish watch with loads of features, definitely belongs in a James Bond Film. In addition, the watch would be very handy when making overseas phone calls. More about Breitling Chronomat GMT


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