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Deeply involved in international trade. Especially fanatical about exporting, the lifeblood of our economy.

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  • The Bridge crossing, anarchy or peoples Rights?

    Last post: Hugh on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Sam on 29.05.09

    Yes, Sam, you are correct, the Hikoi did walk over the bridge. But do you not remember about some people actually falling over because of the swaying that took place? Does anyone actually know what structual stress this un-planned for loading imposed on the structure?
    However, the NZTA have done a bloody poor job of communicating! The authoritarian shouting of NO through a loudhailer is an absolute classic example of bullshit from a so-called Civil Servant.
    Your idea of closing those 2 lanes through the whole day would have taken a lot of pressure off the bridsge, as the load of people would have been spread out over a long period. They could even have rationed the number going on at any one time in some way.

    Did you guys who walked, feel the movement of the clip-ons?

    We also do need to keep in mind these clip-ons only had something like a 50 year life when fitted. But the endless wrangle over a second crossing means we need them for probably another 50 years! If the gutless wimps who run these things get swept away by the Super City, that will make it all worthwhile, but I am not going to hold my breath! More about The Bridge crossing, anarchy or peoples Rights?

  • Fallout from Rankin appointment continues – Families Commission for the chop? Greens comment.

    Last post: Hugh on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Graham on 14.05.09

    Love her or hate her, she is a strong lady, and in my view, can be counted on to do the right thing in the end. She may not agree with current philosophy, speak out against it if necessary. But if all else fails, she would retire honorably.

    I do not see her as a person who would take on a job of this nature, to simply carry out the perceived plan of National to close it down. Neither do I beleive the Greens ranting about this being the plan. National have plenty of confidence right now. If they see something that needs to be closed, they would simply close it.

    True enough, the Families Commission is one of a raft of little operations spawned by the previous Government. But they cannot all be dogs, and Christine is the sort of person who could turn this into a silk purse. Lets give her the chance to do that! More about Fallout from Rankin appointment continues – Families Commission for the chop? Greens comment.

  • Follow the money.

    Last post: Hugh on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Hugh on 17.05.09

    Very interesting reading indeed, thank you David!

    1. What is it with the Vela Family? How much did they really gain from Winston's support of horse racing? Have we ever seen in the past such a blatant connection between vested interests and donations to Political Parties as has been reported above?

    2. John Boscowan is really a commited man. By that I mean committed in the right sense, hullo! He believes in his Party, and only took on the role to stand as a Candidate late in the day. He has been a great organizer and fund rasier for the Party, and now we learn, a major donor as well. In this cae, a very different et of circumstances to the Vela donation. He has nothing to gain personally, except like all of us, if the country prospers, so will he.

    3. Labour, $110,000 from the Unions. This is at least one we all know about. But the ethics of workers being forced to pay their Union fees only to have part of it go to finance a Political Party they may be totally opposed to, is again Stalinistic. A throwback to the dark old days of NZ politics. It could be fixed by this Government but I would bet its well down in the list of things to get done.

    4. How did National win on leass than half of the money that Labour had to play with? Does it prove that money can't buy you love after all? Oh dear, how sad!!! Poor Labour. More about Follow the money.

  • Annette's mass medication programme

    Last post: Hugh on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Hugh on 18.05.09

    So, yet another case of Nany Statism uncovered! Or should that be Stalinism? Was there no limit to Labour's self belief that whatever they thought was beast for us all, was best for us all?

    How many years will it take to undo all those seeminlgy myriad of Laws which have been imposed on the nation, some publically and some privately?

    National have cleared some quickly, Electoral Finance Act, expensive and polluting light bulbs, looking at a number of others. RMA, anti smacking, maybe will even get around to dog chipping as well!

    But the impetus will ease as pressure comes on to get their own objectives under way, rather than keep undoing the wrongs of the last Labour Government. More about Annette's mass medication programme

  • NZ as a Republic?

    Last post: Hugh on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Hugh on 01.05.09

    Curious as to why this concept should suddenly become raised again? Australia has had quite a vocal following for Republicanism in the last few years, but there has not been much of an echo over here.
    The only real gain, since we dropped access to the legal arbiters of the House of Lords in major Court cases, is that the Treaty of Waitangi would be then expunged.

    However I cannot imagine any Government with the balls to drive through with a Republic and not write back into the new Constitution some revised form of Treaty. So what are the perceived benefits of such a move?

    Be interesting to see what our Readers feel about this subject!
    More about NZ as a Republic?

  • Wanganui's Gang Insignia Bill

    Last post: Hugh on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Sam on 07.05.09

    The real issue here is that Wanganui has got desperate to find some ways of limiting Gang involvement in their town. The Police do the best they can with the resources and powers given. But clearly thus is not achieving the controls needed.

    The involvement of these gangs in drug supply and promotion is the real scurge. When we read of the heartbreak and broken lives from drug use. The people of all sectors of the community who have been ravaged by drugs. The high profile names, some yet again in the past week. The anger and bitterness of the parents towards those who have encouraged and supplied the means.

    What Wanganui is trying to do is small fry really, but commendable enough. What the country needs os serious focus by Politicians, Police, Social Services and the community on reducing drug abuse. More about Wanganui's Gang Insignia Bill

  • RMA side effects, are these acceptable?

    Last post: Hugh on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Hugh on 12.05.09

    This is a pretty shocking revelation! So if one was to extrapolate that concept a bit further. One could see criminals legally paying shut-up money to Police after they are caught committing a crime. Passengers paying Customs a "fee" for being caught smuggling and so being allowed to bring in the illegal goods.

    How is it that our Government officials allow this sort of grossly unfair Act to get into force? Either there is an issue that needs challenging in environmental terms, or there is not. Accepting hush money is not the way to deal with it!

    DOC would have to challenge every possible RMA application, because there is a potential profit it it for them!! That is patently a stupid clause in an unworkable Act, one that has cost our country dear already in huge Court costs and delays. Driven potential new investors to other countries to set up their new operations.

    I talked with the Managing Director of a large Forestry Company, owned by offshore interests, who had been put through the mill (accidental pun) getting approval for a major development in NZ Forestry. He told me in no uncertain terms, never again. In future if they have surplus timber or buy more forest, they will simply ship out raw logs to a more business friendly country, and process them there.
    2 1/2 years delay and hundreds of thousands in legal cost. Plus the capital committed for the project, partly borrowed, was sitting there costing them interest.

    Think how many other experiences like this have bene happening across the country, for years now!

    Then we wonder why our exports as a % of GDP have been falling steadily while so many other countries keep on climbing. More about RMA side effects, are these acceptable?

  • Should the Auckland Super City include automatic rights to Seats for Maori?

    Last post: Hugh on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Scorpion on 14.04.09

    Well spoken Tony, and I suspect that you represent a growing number of people around NZ!

    No question, there has been good money to be made by using the Treaty gravy train, but only the Few have gained from it. Most Kiwis stand to gain a great deal more if the country is not divided by such issues, and we focus on building the Nation, not bickering over past "injustices", and how the spoils of today are carved up yet again.
    More about Should the Auckland Super City include automatic rights to Seats for Maori?

  • Should supermarkets lose right to sell alcohol

    Last post: Hugh on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Todadisko on 17.04.09

    Hi guys, some really good comments on this issue, thanks.

    May I defend myself just a little here with Darran. The heading is just as issued by NZPA based on the Labour MP's comments at the Labour organised Forum on the Bill in front of the Select Committee.

    This Bill was created by Labour but their MP thinks it should be widened to include supermarkets.

    Hayden, you are certainly right in that the two statements totally conflict! Lianne is talking about the supermarkets using some alcohol lines as loss leaders to bring us into the store, and no question, that is true. I hope they keep doing it! Why should us responsible drinkers not buy a good wine at a great price if they offer it?

    But the ODT comment is harder to follow. I don't buy more stuff when I shop just because I bought a lower priced bottle of wine, do you?
    More about Should supermarkets lose right to sell alcohol

  • Chicken?

    Last post: Hugh on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Matt on 28.08.07

    Humans have had epidemics of all sorts of desease for as long as we have existed. So why should we get in a panic about this one especially?
    The problem is one of common sense and some good or bad luck. We each probably have more chance of winning Lotto than getting Swine Flu on thepresent stats. 90 people dead out of how many world wide?
    Miranda is totally correct, we get the Media we pay for. Bad news sells much better than good news. More about Chicken?

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