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Deeply involved in international trade. Especially fanatical about exporting, the lifeblood of our economy.

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  • For what its Worth, a round up of views

    Last post: Hugh on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Hugh on 07.06.09

    One can only hope that if a Police charge does eventuate, it will be processed and reach Court one hell of a lot faster than the Philip Field case! It is now more than 2 years since the charge was laid, and still not dealt with. The first issues surfaced way back in 2005.

    But there is so much smoke surrounding these two allegations, one wonders what the real truth is, and if we will even really know? More about For what its Worth, a round up of views

  • Super City, some positive counter-comments to the emotional ranting from some quarters

    Last post: Hugh on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Hugh on 11.06.09

    I just read an article in the local paper, in which they rave on about how Rodney Hide wants to dump libraries, parks, tennis courts and such from Local Body responsibility. This is in direct contrast to what he is reported tas saying in the Herald. I feel inclined to believe the Herald report more than the opinion of a local newspaper columnist.
    He has made it clear that the concern of Government is the way in which some Councils have gone off at to much of a tangent, and invested in things like failed soccer games, a Lotto shop for goodness sakes and the like. Sounds like a good approach to me.
    If the local population see a need, then they can authorise the Council to take action in some way. But over-enthusiastic Council members or staff need to have their wings clipped in this regard.
    If commercial interests dont think a project will fly, why should it be sucessful because a Council takes it up?

    More about Super City, some positive counter-comments to the emotional ranting from some quarters

  • Getting Lost in Libya with Brendan O'Carroll and Dan Henry

    Last post: Hugh on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Ron on 12.06.09

    What a great story! Am looking forward to being able to get a copy of the Vid. But the report above gives some really good insight into the difficulties of making a video of this sort.
    Well done guys! More about Getting Lost in Libya with Brendan O'Carroll and Dan Henry

  • Tanks in the streets of NZ?

    Last post: Hugh on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Hugh on 13.06.09

    There certainly is a lot of merit of keeping the dividing line between Police and Military very clear. We see the results in places like Thailand, where the Military have a great deal of direct involvement in Politics to the apparent detriment of the country. Might is not necessarily right.

    But on the other side of the fence, this sort of emotive reporting does not do justice to the Police or the NZ Military, who are a hell of a long way from the extremists in many other countries.

    For a start, NZ has not had any Tanks for many years now. We have Light Armoured Vehicles. Very limited weapons fitted to them, but will resist bullets from any sort of light guns that the public may have.

    The main function of bringing this into use was to recover the body of the Police Officer, which lay out in the open for a day and half. Adding hugely to the distress and stress of the other Police and his poor Family. The shame was that it took such a long time to deploy this excellent piece of equipment to make this recovery possible!

    For sure, the Government needs to sort out the rules controlling this sort of situation. Its not common, but in our drug crazed world, will be more likely than not to happen again.

    There was no suggestion of "smashing down Jan Molenaars house" using the LAV. The Police did want to use it to force open the garage door, so that they could gain easier entry. If they had been able to do that, and much earlier on in the event, it is possible that Mr Molenaar may still be alive today.

    The question that I would like to see addressed, is how did this person, who had previous drug convictions, still hold a gun Licence? Thus having the legal right to buy a number of weapons and ammunition? Saying he had them to protect himself from the Mongrel Mob is hardly acceptible!! More about Tanks in the streets of NZ?

  • David Bain Trial, was Justice truly served?

    Last post: Hugh on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Harker on 13.06.09

    Like many of the people above, I agree that David Bain has had his trial, and while there is a lot still that will emerge from this mess, he himself deserves to be left alone. He has paid the price our society expects of him irrespective.

    My concern is over the fact which has emerged that the Supreme Court decides on what evidence the Jury will hear! I wonder if many people knew this before?

    To me, how can you ever have real justice, if another part of the system is pre-judging what is presented as evidence?

    Is this what happens also if you took a case to the House of Lords? I think its most unlikely.

    Therefore, is there justification for a call to the new Government to reverse the in-house decision taken by Labour, to disconnect us from this final Court of decision making?
    Have we just shown how we cannot be trusted to run our own legal system at the very top end at least? More about David Bain Trial, was Justice truly served?

  • Referenda Questions

    Last post: Hugh on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Rebecca on 19.06.09

    It seems to me that the wording of this current Referendum is only confusing to those who oppose it. Do they not understand plain English?
    If you dont think a simple smack is just cause for Police action, then you agree with the question.

    But having said that, the quesion put years ago on compulsory Superannuation was worded in such a way that many supporters of the concept could not even vote for it.
    So there is just reason for having some serious thought going into the wording. More about Referenda Questions

  • Most important Budget since 1984

    Last post: Hugh on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Hugh on 21.05.09

    On the basis of what we have heard and what rumours are around, its hard to see this Budget ranking as highly as suggested. Say compared to "The mother of all budgets", or some of Muldoon's extreme efforts for example.

    It is also a bit distrubing to read that the speaker here is a guy who has been around in economic circles since Muldoon's time. I would have thought that anyone of that vintage would have been traded in for a newer mode by now?

    What I am suspecting, is that he is stressing that the Government cannot go gang-busters here, or it will rock our economic boat too seriously, and some number cruncher overseas will drop our Rating.

    But for us average Joe's, I cannot see any prospects for fire and brimstone. Just measured caution, and that is what we really do need.

    So if you feel dissapointed on Budget day, don't be too despondent, as it may be a really good thing in the long run! More about Most important Budget since 1984

  • How we are being duped by the Spin Merchants

    Last post: Hugh on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Hugh on 25.05.09

    This report puts a whole new spin onto spin merchants! I had never realized just how far these people will go in thier efforts to twist the facts, and peoples opinions, to suit the particular agenda of thier "client".

    Frankly, its disgusting!

    Sure, you can say is no dfferent to a Lawyer who defends his guilty client, but uses all the tricks at his disposal to get him aquitted. But at least with a lawyer, you kinow what you are getting.

    With these sort of people, they work under cover of our dark ignorance. Press reports do not come out carrying a tag line, prepared by a spin merchant!

    One has to read everything now with a much more critical and doubting mind it seems! How sad is that? More about How we are being duped by the Spin Merchants

  • More "global Warming" myths busted!

    Last post: Hugh on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Hippy on 25.05.09

    Wow, what a well informed lot of readers!
    In a discussion with Rodney Hide on this subject last year, he told me this. While he was at University, the big fear around the world was that the climate was getting colder. I think this was late 70's? So he took some Papers on Climate Science so he had an understanding of whether the world was going to end or not. Its not!

    Now we have reverse scare. I put it to him that this issue is just one in an on-going series of "threats" that is so essential to political life. Politicians need to be "saving" us the voters, from something to help justify their existence. Y2K, Bird Flu, North Korea, you see the patterns.

    He agred that there is a strong element of this, and he wished that politicians would focus much more on the real issues of the economy, transport, education and the like.
    Stuff that makes us a more efficient country, consuming less, producing more with less resources and so on. More about More "global Warming" myths busted!

  • Travel Fitness Secrets

    Last post: Hugh on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Todadisko on 27.05.09

    Guys, I think myself lucky because I don't do all this hard work, but I admire you for it!
    I have travelled a huge amount in my work. I know where the local KFC is in all the cities I go to, and love it! Always good, always safe, always good price, and sooo tasty!

    Hope I have not undermined your committment, go hard! More about Travel Fitness Secrets


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