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Deeply involved in international trade. Especially fanatical about exporting, the lifeblood of our economy.

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  • Chicken?

    Last post: Hugh on 14.03.11 at 01:49 | Started by Matt on 28.08.07

    Humans have had epidemics of all sorts of desease for as long as we have existed. So why should we get in a panic about this one especially?
    The problem is one of common sense and some good or bad luck. We each probably have more chance of winning Lotto than getting Swine Flu on thepresent stats. 90 people dead out of how many world wide?
    Miranda is totally correct, we get the Media we pay for. Bad news sells much better than good news. More about Chicken?

  • World's most expensive...

    Last post: Hugh on 14.03.11 at 01:49 | Started by Matt on 22.08.07

    Like the history of the decline of the Roman Empire. A society gets more and more extravagant, extreme and decadent, before it finally destroys itself.
    The writing is on the wall. But now we are talking the entire civilization, not just the white society.
    Too many people, too much selfish greed. More about World's most expensive...

  • Mt Albert war of words, Round 2.

    Last post: Hugh on 14.03.11 at 01:47 | Started by Hugh on 24.05.09

    One has to feel a great deal of sympathy for Melissa Lee. First, her own Party made an incredible blunder in annoucing, only a week after she was chosen as thier Candidate, that they had decided to go for above ground and not tunnel, for the mototroway extension.
    No Electorate is going to be happy with a plan to bulldoze a motorway strip through thier area! The damn thing has been brewing for 10 years, another couple of months waiting would have made little difference.

    Then, it looks like the Media have opted to pick on her, and made a huge fuss about any comments that could be blown out of proportion. Last, she did make a faux pax in making the comments reported above, but that simply shows that she is still relatively inexperienced in the ways of both media and politics.
    she is a lady with a lot of potential, and one way or another, I am sure we will be hearing a lot more of her. More about Mt Albert war of words, Round 2.

  • Where You Go On A "First Date" Can Determine The Outcome

    Last post: Hugh on 14.03.11 at 01:46 | Started by Peter T on 17.08.09

    You need to gain some insight into her personality first, ask whoever introduced you, a mutual friend of work collegue of hers etc. If she is an outdoors type, go to Wenderholm, even in winter on a fins day, its a great place for walking. Take a picnic, with some food items you made yourself, and dont foget the all important, classy chocolates for after.
    Then as the day draws in, head to the hot pools.That way you get to check her out in a bikini as well, but the relaxing warmth is great for closeness.
    If she hates outdoors, go to the Art Galley, or Museum, followed by dinner at tje Italian at Mission Bay. More about Where You Go On A "First Date" Can Determine The Outcome

  • The 2009 Budget: What's Next?

    Last post: Hugh on 14.03.11 at 01:46 | Started by Hugh on 04.06.09

    Roger, you comment positively about the Ministers remarks "the need for structural adjustment in the form of a shift of resources from the domestic economy to internationally competing industries."
    Yet you also talk favorably about the decision to cut the R & D tax incentive, which pretty much every strong competing country we face does provide. A relatively small cost in the wider scheme of things but with the potential to bring major benefits.
    You don't scrap that sort of program just because the beaurocrats fear that some are not using it wisely, or that some are exploiting it. Just toughen up the policing of it.

    You don't believe the "Cullen Fund" had value and should be cashed up? Do you really trust the Politicians or more important, Treasury who would have a big say in what happened to that money, to lift the economy by enough to ensure that when you and I retire, there will be money to give us a pension of any meaning? I certainly dont!!

    You think we have a chance to catch Australia, ever? I don't see it. We just do not have the massive natural resources they have. We don't have the work ethic that Singaporeans have. We don't have the EU subsidies and finacial help that Ireland has.

    What we do have, is brilliant Entrepreneurs. People who can think far outside the square. Come up with breathtaking new ideas, concepts, software, new products and innovations on old ones. BUT, these people often are hamstrung by lack of funds. How can you cheer over the canning of R & D help? More about The 2009 Budget: What's Next?

  • Wind Powered SuperCar

    Last post: Hugh on 14.03.11 at 01:46 | Started by Oliver on 05.06.09

    If he can develop the concept well enough that his forward speed creates as much wind power as the electricty the car is using, then the concept of perpetual motion is a step closer!
    Technically impossible, and where do you put a bloody great propeller and how do you deal with the pedestrian mincemeat that could result? More about Wind Powered SuperCar

  • Kevin Roberts:New words for a new world

    Last post: Hugh on 14.03.11 at 01:46 | Started by Sam on 15.06.09

    I like the three R's, Recruit, Retain, Reward. So you could call it Triple R Dept, or if that is too American, Three R's Dept.

    But I was also attracted by the Talent suggestion of the first person to post. How about Talent attraction, Retain, Reward, or TARR?
    After that, the boss only needs to chuck a handful of feathers into your Office and you have it all! More about Kevin Roberts:New words for a new world

  • Spend like it's old money

    Last post: Hugh on 14.03.11 at 01:46 | Started by Matt on 23.03.09

    I think the basic theory is correct. Try to buy as close to bottom as you can, stop buying when the real public boom is in full swing.

    First of course, you need to have spare cash or the ability to borrow without compromising your home and security of finances. But if you are in the fortunate position to be able to do that, then when the time is right as you see it, go for it! More about Spend like it's old money

  • Laws on Smacking

    Last post: Hugh on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Hugh on 23.08.09

    Well put David! More about Laws on Smacking

  • Too Much Secrecy

    Last post: Hugh on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Hugh on 02.07.09

    So when does NZ accept that Full and Final, means that the country has paid enough to try and right the wrongs of its forefathers?
    Those receiving the settlements will never be satisfied. Large chunks of the proceeeds are squandered, eg Rugby League grandstand boxes, naming rights to Stadiums, flash 4 x 4 vehicles for those in the top echelon.
    How many rank and file Maori get see any benefit? By all accounts, very, very few!

    So what are we doing New Zealand? What possible long term benefit to the Nation is being achieved? We are paying millions in legal fees to fat-cat Lawyers. Perpetuating the belief that one portion of our society is badly done to, and they will believe you if you keep saying it too!

    More about Too Much Secrecy


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