Limited Edition: Jim Beam Distillers Series

For seven generations Jim Beam Distillers have been committed to the bourbon producing craft. It began in 1795 when Jacob Beam, the great grandfather of the legendary Jim Beam sold his first barrel of Bourbon. 

JB Distillers edition Heritage bottle #2 by you.Little did Jacob know he was part of a tradition that was to continue over centuries and his product Jim Beam would one day become the biggest selling bourbon in the world?

Over the last two hundred years ago, 7 generations of Jim Beam Distillers have been committed to the bourbon producing craft. In recognition of these Southern gentlemen’s commitment to the bourbon producing,  Jim Beam has created a series of 7 bottles to collect, each bottle highlighting one of the 7 Generation of Beam Family Distillers.

This is the second release of this Limited Edition Distillers Series heritage bottles.

Available now in the larger 1125ml size

GetFrank has 5 bottles of Jim Beam Limited Edition Distillers Series each valued at $44.99 to give away.

Important: Can't post alcohol so pick up is Parnell, Auckland.

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