Shopping in the Gold Coast

Shopping in Gold Coast might not seem like the obvious choice for something to do when there are so many exciting activities to be filling your time with, but I really suggest bringing over some extra bucks for shopping, because you can pick up some amazing bargains if you know where to look.

Harbour Town

Harbour Town - Photo Credit: Directive Photography

Harbour Town is very similar to New Zealand's Dressmart - basically it's an entire shopping complex dedicated to outlet shopping. With mainly clothing stores, you can pick up an entire wardrobe for very little here. The girls picked up dresses, tops and shoes for under $10 each, coming out with handfuls of bags each. The boys picked up shoes, and a couple of Fossil watches for under half the price you'd pay for them in New Zealand. Even if you are not a big shopper, the strip with all the food (in the below picture) is great to sit in on a sunny day. 

Harbour Town Food Strip - Photo Credit: Directive Photography

Surfer's Paradise shopping

If you wander into Surfer's Paradise, you'll find yourself wandering around the shops anyway, so you might as well enjoy it and see if you can find some bargains. There are plenty of novelty shops (Condom Kingdom is quite amusing), and there are a number of hidden clothes shops that seem to have constant sales. Have a look around - you never know what you'll find! Just make sure you bring extra money.

Surfer's Markets

Surfer's Paradise Night Markets - Photo Credit: Directive Photography

On Wednesday and Friday nights the Surfer's Paradise beachfront becomes a marketplace for bargain hunters, tourists and those out for a leisurely after dinner walk. There's a large number of stalls all selling knick-knacky goods, crafts and food. It's worth going for a wander just for the atmosphere. It's not so crowded that you'd struggle to walk through, but there's enough people to create quite a buzz.

Carrara Markets

If you are looking for some real bargains, then you cannot go past Carrara Markets. First of all, it's huge, so make sure you wear comfy shoes. With ten acres of indoor and outdoor shopping, I'm pretty sure we didn't get through half of it, and we were there for half the day. There's lots of different stalls, but the best thing is that they all sell different goods.

Carrara Markets - Photo Credit: Directive Photography

While there is plenty of shopping, there are other things to do there too. Some of us went as had our fortunes read, and some of us visited Luke's Reptile Kingdom and held a snake.

Holding a snake at Luke's Reptile Kingdom - Photo Credit: Directive Photography

You even get a booklet of vouchers upon entrance, making for a full day of bargains and fun!

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