Draculas Gold Coast

A trip to the Gold Coast isn't complete without a visit to Draculas, Australia's dinner theatre celebrating the macabre and bizarre.

A group of us headed along while in Gold Coast - some of us Draculas regulars, and some of us Draculas newbies - to experience their Transfusion show:

Transfusion features fast paced Vampire variety that combines acerbic comedy, wicked burlesque, bizarre human circus and off the dial madness. Two hours of creative insanity that absolutely rocks!

With delicious food, two hours of singing and dancing entertainment, in-character waiters and waitresses, a creepy ghost train ride, and the best cocktails on the Gold Coast, Draculas is an unmissable experience. The show itself was slow to start, with food being served before hand, with bits of entertainment slotted in between courses, but when it did start, it was a show worth waiting for. The singing is incredible, and there was a slightly uncomfortable, but hilarious puppet show that I think really made Transfusion. 

At first glance, the prices might seem high: from $115 AU for A Reserve, and from $88 AU for B reserve. When you consider that you are getting a three course meal and two hours of entertainment - basically an entire night out - the price becomes irrelevant. It's worth every dollar. There are subtle differences between A and B reserve however, and they are worth considering. With A reserve, you get to come in a little earlier and have some nibbles, and you are seated up top, with a clear view of the stage. My issue with this seating however was that it was cramped and we were seated in a long row, making it hard to chat to one another. B reserve by comparison seemed to have a little more room, being seated at tables instead of long benches. They were slightly below the stage level, so I'd imagine that the view wouldn't have been as good as A reserve, but if you are heading along in a large group, then I think B reserve is more suitable.

If you are planning a trip to the Gold Coast, I highly recommend making a booking at Draculas for one of your nights. It's fun, and guaranteed to make you laugh. Just leave your prudishness at the door.

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  • Kelvin says
    My wife is crazy about vampires will have to book tickets next time we are in Gold Coast. Looks fun!
  • Boganmomma says
    I will HAVE to check this out one day! ticks all the boxes "cheesy" "vampires" "food" and "dancing" ;)
  • Amanda says
    Gutted that didn't manage to make it along while on the gold coast. Have decided that this will be one of the first stops on our next trip :)
  • Nos4R2D2 says
    I have heard this place is great fun.
  • Cool vamps are hot!

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