An Adventurer's Bucket List for 30 (or 40 or 50 or...) year olds

Reaching the big three-oh is a milestone that is often seen as the peek of the hill… as in, it’s all down hill from there. People hold twenty-nine-plus-one birthdays, or try to forget that the day is even happening, seeing thirty as the point where you are officially “old”.

But thirty is certainly not the end. In fact, things will only get better from here. By the end of your thirties, you’ll be earning more, and if you had kids in your late twenties, early thirties, you’ll start to gain your independence back.

With that in mind, everyone hitting thirty should be celebrating the fact that their life is only just beginning. And what better way to celebrate than doing something different? Hence, this bucket list for adventurers, adrenalin seekers, or people with something to celebrate.

This is a list of thirty things to do when you hit thirty (or forty, or fifty…), and is compiled of things you can do right here in New Zealand, so no excuses – even if it’s not your birthday, there is always a reason to do something a little crazy.

Here's Get Frank's top ten:

1) Skydiving

What better way to realise your own mortality than jumping out of a plane? Skydiving is both exhilarating, and peaceful, with the fast drop and then a slower descent with incredible views. Best of all, there are places to do this all over New Zealand. If you are looking for adventure, skydiving is a must on any bucket list.

2) Caving

Caving is a great all-round adventure, which will tick off many experiences on this list, including abseiling, rock climbing and high ropes. For the daring this is the ultimate experience. For the not-so-daring, it's a great way to face your fears. Get Frank's done it, so you have no excuse!

3) Bungy Jumping

Heading head first towards the ground or water, only to fling back upwards before touching down will certainly make you appreciate being alive. Bungy jumping is something every Kiwi should experience, so if you haven't done it yet, make sure it's on your bucket list!

4) Hang Gliding

Icarus did it, and so can you. Fortunately, hang gliding won't get you too close to the sun. If one of your childhood dreams was to fly, then add this to your list of possible birthday events, or put it on your bucket list.

5) Canyoning

If you're an outdoorsy type, then canyoning is the ultimate outdoors experience. Depending on where you choose to go, it can feature abseilling, waterfalls, ropes, rock climbing... You'll come out of it feeling like you can take on the world.

6) Abseiling

Head down rockfaces, tied to nothing but a rope. The hardest part of this experience is usually convincing yourself that the rope will hold, but it's fun nevertheless, and a great way to conquer a fear of heights.

7) Black Water Rafting

It's rafting. Underground. If you love having fun in the water, but are after something a little more adventurous, then black water rafting is a great experience. One of the best ways to do this is at Waitomo.

8) White Water Rafting

If you're scared of the dark, or you'd like to be able to see the perilous rocks in your path, then white water rafting might be a better option. There's more places to do it too, with a cave being unnecessary. Research carefully, and make sure you're going with a provider who knows what they are doing, and you'll be guaranteed to have a blast.

9) Swim with Sharks

*Cue Jaws theme music*

You can either cage dive, or actually swim with sharks, depending on where you go, and how big (and hungry) the sharks are, but New Zealand's shark diving experiences are very safe, and you'll be well looked after.

10) Stunt Driving

Even if you're not a petrol head, being a stunt driver for a day is a blast. Spin, slide and jump the car, just like in the movies.

And counting down to 30:

11) Parasailing

12) Canyon Swing

13) Skywalk

14) Rock Climb

15) Fly a Helicopter

16) Fly a Plane

17) Gliding

18) Four Wheel Driving

19) Jet Boating

20) Diving

21) Blokarting

22) Shooting

23) High Ropes

24) Paintball

25) Hot Air Ballooning

26) Drive a Supercar

27) Swim with Dolphins

28) Milford Track

29) Charter Fishing

30) Visit a Vineyard

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  • Cool a young mans bucketlist.i see number 27) swim with the dolphins is also one of this months prizes. well played get frank well played indeed.
  • Holly says
    Hehe just posted 'would love to be able to cross this off the bucket list' on the Swim With Dolphins comp before coming here and seeing this! :)
  • Sam says
    Great bucket list although I would love to do most things on here I would probably not do the sky diving or swimming with sharks!
  • DeeDee says
    ...I love the list but their are a few others I would like to do too, some out of the ride a camel through the desert, sleep on the side of a mountain (though I am scared I might fall out of my tent and hurdle to the ground), camp at Yosemite national park in the states.....ride a motor cycle around route 66 in the states with a close group of friends, preferably a Harley or Triumph.....have a go at speeding across the salt flats in Utah....heli the sunset in Tuscany....jam with Bob Dylan or CCR or just watch in awe....just saying
  • Slothy28 says
    Il be thirty in the next couple of years, I love this list! Def guna start a bucket list of my own :)
  • Sam says
    Some good aventure ideas. I'd love to get into paragliding.
  • Hutster7 says
    Have managed to tick some of those off my list but most seem extreme sports almost.. Surely there's a bit of travel and something other than the outdoors that people wish to do!
    Maybe its cause of my fear of heights rules out most, haha!
  • Sam says
    Love it! Am close to thirty and have done 6/10 of the top 10.
  • Marley says
    Gotta stretch yourself that's what I think. Or tho I'm not sure I could do things that involves highs!!
  • New Member says
    I have half of this list done and dusted. Just need to add the swimming with dolphins to the list.

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