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  • An Ordinary Day - Clear the Air

    17 August 2016 / Lifestyle / Music

    An Ordinary Day returns with the new single, titled Clear the Air. A mesh of punching back beats, soulful instrumentation, and haunting vocals. It tastefully serves a sound palette that will play with your expectations at any key moment. Listen... More about An Ordinary Day - Clear the Air

  • Restaurant Review: Five Stags

    17 August 2016 / Lifestyle / Food

    Five Stags was introduced by a good teaching friend last year and has remained one of my favourites around Whitford in South-East Auckland. The atmosphere leans more towards a bistro, better than your average pub and lavishly decorated like a... More about Restaurant Review: Five Stags

  • Shoes

    12 August 2016 / Lifestyle / Fashion

    Are you a shoe-in? Shoes are not only the most functional item in any man’s wardrobe; many also consider them to be an accurate indicator of his sense of style and social position (just compare vinyl zip-ups with wing tip brogues). The overall... More about Shoes

  • Beef Tataki

    10 August 2016 / Lifestyle / Food

    You can enjoy the full flavour of good quality beef without too many calories. This stylish Japanese beef dish is surprisingly simple to make. Use a re-sealable freezer bag to marinade the beef.  You may be tempted to eat it straight away... More about Beef Tataki

  • How to care for a dress Shirt

    05 August 2016 / Lifestyle / Fashion

    Knowing the Proper care for your dress shirts is essential in holding your shirts in good condition and while projecting a professional appearance. How to care for a dress Shirt  Machine wash dress shirts on a gentle cycle with luke-warm... More about How to care for a dress Shirt

  • Bordeaux beauties

    05 August 2016 / Lifestyle / Drink

    Bordeaux beauties Bordeaux vintages consume our customers at Glengarry wines with many factors influencing buying decisions such as price, demand, hype and reviews by wine critics. There are many things that point to the 2004 wines being winners,... More about Bordeaux beauties

  • Jaquet Droz: Grande Seconde Deadbeat

    29 July 2016 / Lifestyle / Fashion

    Deadbeat seconds is an extremely rare complication first introduced in the Age of Enlightenment, the very era when Pierre Jaquet-Droz was travelling the length and breadth of Europe to present his timepieces to royal courts across the continent.... More about Jaquet Droz: Grande Seconde Deadbeat

  • Travel Brazil

    28 July 2016 / Lifestyle / Travel

    Brazil is the largest and most dynamic South American country, bordering all but two of the continent's other nations. In Brazil, wild Amazon adventures can be coupled with stimulating city sights and leisurely beach escapades. Brazil's... More about Travel Brazil

  • Mussel Fritters

    27 July 2016 / Lifestyle / Food

    Mmm, mussel fritters. A kiwi staple. Bit like whitebait fritters but a whole lot gruntier. This NZ mussel fritter recipe is soooo easy. Bonus. And this recipe is a great mix of protein, fats and complex carbohydrates. About Mussel... More about Mussel Fritters

  • Just cruising

    25 July 2016 / Lifestyle / Travel

    Yes cruising. But we don’t mean ‘across a crowded room at some sensuous stranger in a sleazy late night gay bar for some hot man-on-man home-made burgers with extra mayo action’. We’re talking about holidays.... More about Just cruising



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