10 Questions with Nathan Rarere

You'll hear Nathan Rarere every weekday morning on Radio Sport Breakfast, along with his co-hosts Marc Peard and Kent Johns. Naturally, we catch up with him about about all things sport. 

1.     You host the new Radio Sport Breakfast show with Marc and Kent. Did you know them before you started working together?

I didn’t know Kent, but Marc and I worked together last year on a TV show I produced for Maori TV called PLAY. Like Marc, I'm a nerd for US Sport, except the teams I support have been dismal for the last 10 years or so.

2.     What is your favourite sport to be a spectator at?

Ice Hockey. It’s fast, spectacular, and I SWEAR it's easier to see the puck in real life than it is on TV. 

3.     Who would you say is the most underrated Kiwi sportsperson currently playing?

Val Adams. Sounds weird I know, but so many people don't get the fact that she is a supreme athlete of planet Earth. Too many times New Zealanders are in denial about her greatness.

4.     How do you wind down after a busy week on air?

My wife and I have two beautiful daughters. They keep me entertained and busy.

5.     What were your favourite sports to play growing up?

Believe it or not, I was once a fit person. Swimming was the main sport that stole my time, but also I played cricket, did triathlons and was a terrible rugby player.

6.     What is one sporting event you havn’t made it to yet, but is on the top of your list?

I want to see my Dallas Cowboys play live, and my Orlando Magic.  I made it to Orlando once but the NBA was on strike.

7.     What would be your dream car and ideal roady destination?

I have been fortunate to take a few brilliant roadies, but I would love to do the two 'Diagonal Road Trips' of the USA; from Miami to Seattle, and from Boston to LA. I’d love to drive it in a Hummer or something big like that... you'd have to take too much stuff to fit into a Ferrari, y'know?

8.     Hosting a breakfast show must require a lot of caffeine! Where is your favourite Auckland spot to pick up a coffee?

Al's Deli in Kingsland. I'm assuming by "coffee" you mean coffee, hot wings and poutine, right?

9.     If you could have dinner with three sports stars from throughout history, who would you invite?

Conor McGregor, Shaquille O'Neal and Anna Kournikova.

10.  If you were given the gift of being able to master any one sport, what would you choose and why?

Golf. I don’t actually watch or particularly care for golf, but you can get paid huge money finishing 15th in a tournament and can play it when you’re old. So, I guess golf. 20 years ago I would have said Ski Jumping.

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